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Let's start with the basics; what makes you happy? 
You can chase your tail and run around in circles, trying to answer this one. 
Life has given me a fiery Greek upbringing, unexpectedly fun student years in Germany and the dream: living in London. Now, a countryside suburbanista (not by choice, initially) I love the romantic and colourful landscapes that the English countryside has to offer. 
So, what I've decided for myself, after  years of travelling, is that the purpose in life must have something to do with getting to know as many different cultures as possible; getting to experience different ways of life...even if that simply means popping into your local deli to discover new and wonderful flavours from different countries or taking the ferry to Calais for the day! ;)  

...a good Sunday Roast, around the table; and fiery conversations; and good music playing in the background, that eventually tickles someone enough to get up and start dancing - strictly no plate smashing in the house! 

...road trips. You set the pace and you get to discover so many hidden corners of this world. They can be as simple as driving to the Cotswolds for the weekend, or cruising through the Grand Cru villages in the Champagne region,  in search of bubbles.  

Date Night: The Everyman Cinema, in Maida Vale.
Strolling:  around whimsical Albert Bridge. 
Frenchie Restaurant:  L' Absinthe, in Primrose Hill & Le Boudin Blanc in Mayfair. Both intimate and authentic. 
Shoreditch: well, everything about it! I'm talking freshly-baked bread & thickly-sliced bacon sarnie at St John's in Spitafields at 7:30am on your way home from last night's shenanigans.  

and the Countryside...

Winter Weekends in the Cotswolds. I seriously have a crush on the area. 
Sunday Roast: at the quirky and wobbly Royal Standard in Penn. It's the oldest Inn in the country aparently and there is a skeleton hanging from the ceiling.  
Beach time: Mudeford Sandbanks, Dorset. It's my happy place! 
Sunday Summer Drive: The Pig in the New  Forest. Do you ever walk into a place and think " that's the kind of place I would like to own"? That's what I'm talking about!

And last but nor least: Oxford. 
I love the energy around this place! The Ashmolean Museum is a miniature version of the British Museum and dinner at the Pierre Victoire Bistro is the perfect frenchie-spot-romantique to finish off the day nicely.  

Hope you'll enjoy the blog! 

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