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Postcards from Watchet - Somerset

Where - Watchet, Somerset
When - Easter Bank holiday weekend
How Far - 2.5h from London (can go up to 4h in traffic)
See - Mineral Line Docks, Yankee  Jack, Jurassic Coast, Kilve beach for fossil hunting.
Watering Hole - Pebbles Tavern …they are so nice that although they don't serve food, they are very happy for you to bring in Fish & Chips from next door (oh yes we did...twice!)
The end of the old Mineral Line - a railway connecting Brendon Hills iron mines with Watchet's docks. The iron then found its way to Wales, to be processed.
Cottages around town
Fuel for happy tummies - our breakfast at Swain House.
When the tide is out you can access the Jurassic Coast from Watchet's beach on the left of the harbour. Put your wellies on and bring your inquisitive attitude along, it's fun!
Pebbles tavern - a quirky, little mingling hotspot. On the evening we visited, there were 28 European musicians performing folk songs - brilliant atmosphere.
Morning walk around the harbour, following the tide on its way out.

Watchet - seafront cottages
 A good start to the day - breakfast at Swain House

Fossil hunting - allow yourself to be immersed and you mind to focus, breath!

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