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Happy Soul Brunch - Red Rooster - Harlem

After a fun weekend in New York, Mondays can feel a bit deflated.
When you are only visiting for a couple of days though - not to mention it’s taken you thirty something years to visit - you want to make the most of it, even on a Monday. 

So, hop on the tube, oh wait they call it subway here, up to 125th St.
Destination is the Harlem-based, happy soul kitchen at Red Rooster
It’s buzzing...the bar, the restaurant, the kitchen, all up and at it, even on a Monday!
Fried chicken and waffle, with maple syrup; then look further for Marcus's Cornbread.
When your mum says 'eat your greens',ask for Red Rooster's Mac & Greens, delicious! 

The setup...
70's cool funk-don't-give-a-damn. Fun, colourful and easy-going in other words!

The food...
feels like someone is giving you a hug.
The sides are most interesting - Grits, Mac & Greens, Cornbread, all mostly covered in stringy cheddar. The cheddar in this country is a bit different, it's gooey and when melted it doesn't turn to a cold mess.

One of the starters was Yep Fried Chicken and Waffle, yes, I've had it before, I've even made fried chicken. This whole dish though was balanced out nicely. Crunchy, slightly spicy - just to tickle your tongue - fried chicken, versus fluffy waffle. Hint of chilli versus sweet and oaky maple syrup. Balance people! It works in life and in food.
'Come again?'
Oats darling, cooked down to a smooth cream covered in cheese! Good stuff!
Then more fried chicken, this time alongside southern delicacies. Miss B's Biscuits & Gravy. Oh my! Wow!  I tried making biscuits once...didn't go very well, so I did appreciate being able to try the real ones, fluffy and light, as they are meant to be.
Make sure to include this happy place in your food tour of New York, if you are after an easy, satisfying morning spot of brunch.  

Harlem townhouses
Gorgeous Miss B's Biscuits and Gravy

Quirky restroom...strictly no selfies please!  

Grits, Miss B's Biscuits & Gravy and Mac & Greens, a happy, soulful spread 

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