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Hanacure All-In-One Facial

My mother is proud of her family genes, she always pats her jawline slightly with her fingers and proclaims it, with a little smirk. She is right, she's always had lovely, clear, taut skin and we (my sister and I) have never had to deal with extensive skin issues, even in our teenage years.
This has made me slightly lazy with skincare. I have to have my morning rich moisturising cream, but truth be told, I don't do much more than that. Last year after a visit to the Barnsley House Spa, I discovered the Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner, which has now been added to my daily routine because it's refreshing, soothing and keeps my skin hydrated. I thought that was a big step forwards and I have been very chuffed with myself since.  
Lately though, every time I Facetime my sister, I hear "you look tired", to which I normally reply with "that's because I am tired".  She has a point, I am going through a demanding period and could probably do with a booster. When I looked around for hydrating and toning masks, I came across Hanacure, as one of the top 10 to watch.

Hanacure is a South Korean brand.
Even though I'm not an expert on skincare, I know that there have been a lot of cosmetics coming out of South Korea in the last couple of years. It's like a cult trend.
When I looked on the website - I realised that Hanacure only make this one product.
The strategist in me thought "If a company is confident enough to enter the market with one product only, it must be a good one". Step one towards being convinced, completed.
The little square box looked luxurious and even slightly clinical. It contained a serum in a glass bottle, a plastic square container and a sleek brush.  
If everything else fails "I have the brush", I thought.
Then I started doubting myself, "Did I really spent £24 on a one-time face mask?"
Preparing the mask involves an element of alchemy - pop the little glass jar and empty the serum in the little plastic container.
Shake and  bippity boppity boo, you have a miraculous, clear gel, ready for application!
As you can tell, I was having fun but I was still not convinced.
I used the brush to apply the gel all over my face, neck and back of the hands.
It had a cooling effect straight away, very soothing.
Nothing happened for the first ten minutes. 
Once the gel dried though I felt my forehead tightening, then the skin on my cheekbones.
Then I walked to the mirror - I saw a taut skinned clown, with perfectly round eyes, starring back at me. The mask has a  lifting and tightening effect, hence if your facial muscles look a bit distorted while the mask is on, it's because it literally sucks out all of the impurities.
After 30 minutes I washed the mask off with warm water.
Oh oh, slight redness on the forehead. Then my cheeks felt warm and my whole face turned red.
It wasn't burning, it felt warm though. I immediately started reading reviews to make sure I'm not having an allergic reaction. Everyone said "give it an hour or so to settle down". I did.
Once the redness went, I was left with visibly clean skin and I dare say no dark circles under my eyes.
Now, I'm an economist, causal relationships are very hard to prove, ergo although I accept that the mask did help with cleansing and tightening, I'm also more aware of my skin looking tired, hence I am making an effort with drinking more water and I have a really good blusher that I use for contouring in the right places.

Good start.
In the past two weeks, since I tried the mask, I've had two people randomly commenting on how bright my skin looks.
I think I'll give it another try, just to see if repeat use indeed produces lasting results.

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