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Èze - Eagle's Perch Over the Med

How do you get to describe one of the nicest days, in the South of France? It's tricky trying to sit down and contain all these feelings and then put them on  - virtual - paper! So here it goes...

Èze is poetic, majestic and dramatic. It's also beautiful, rustic and chilled and takes you back to a 50s movie set...
We caught glimpses of the Mediterranean's endless blue around every corner, terracotta roofs, light stone houses covered in bright purple bougainvillea, a very summery feeling.

The South of France is popular for the countless villages lodged in the hills, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Choosing where to visit, is tough.
We based ourselves in Mougins and visited St Paul de Vence, Antibes, Cannes and St Tropez.
And then there was Èze.

It's located on the super-lux stretch between Monaco and Cap Ferrat, on a sharp hill that seems to spear up into the sky out of nowhere. The mountains behind it are often covered in passing clouds.

Tour buses usually stop at the bottom of the rock to visit the popular perfumeries. Even if you have limited time, do make the effort to climb up, the view over the Med is absolutely spectacular.
We left the car at the bottom of the windy road and climbed up slowly. The whole castle-city is built on many levels, hence, be sensible with your shoes.
First turn to the right for yellow Eglise d'Eze. It's a romantic spot if you are looking for somewhere special to tie the knot.
L'Eglise d'Eze

The old vine tree that provided shade and a great spot for long, easy lunching

Peach aperitif, produced locally, smooth, sweet and giggles-enhancing

It was our last day in Cote d 'Azure and all we wanted to do was soak in all that feeling of sunshine and slow living. So, we went for lunch!

We found this tree that had expanded its' branches over three different levels in the middle of the village and right below it tables and chairs were set up. Luckily it was the set up for Le Nid D'Aigle - eagle's nest. We camped there for the next couple of hours.

Lunching under the branches of this old vine tree was pure magic; salmon tartare, omelette complete and aperitif avec fraise (strawberries), not to forget the bread and salted butter… allez! The more aperitif we had, the more we were chatting to the waiters in our school-old French, great fun. 

The mere amount of tourists that pass through this place is mind boggling and how locals manage to remain calm and cheerful is a mystery.
Here's a thought, if you don't speak French that is perfectly fine, but there is no need to bark in English at the waiters. Try smiling and asking if they speak English first. They do. And they try to be helpful, so meet them half way.

We left with a bottle of locally produced peach aperitif underarm, which was the centre piece for our little gathering back home, alongside a cheese and charcuterie board with nuts, dried fruit and other goodies we  had bought in St Paul de Vence.  

Lunch might be over, but Cap Ferrat is just 10 minutes away. On to Paloma beach, for an easy-going afternoon by the clear and cool waters, endless pine trees, cold coffee and sweet tiramisu - step into the 50s this way please...


  1. Thank you so much for this kind and amusing commentary!
    For your information, the tree that you describe as a vine tree is actually a mulberry tree. It is indeed remarkable since it is 200 years old which is unusually old for this specie. It is also a memory of the time when the locals were feeding worms with its leaves to produce silk.
    If you ever plan to return to Eze, please call the Tourist Office, we'll be glad to give you a free entrance to the exotic garden!
    Fond regards,
    Frederic BILLY

  2. Hi Frederic, thanks for this addition, I didn't realise that vines look so much like mulberry trees - this only makes it more interesting!
    We'd love to be back, thank you for your kind offer.
    A bientot!


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