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Champagne please - Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

Bob Bob Ricard is one of the most instagramed places in London; therefore if you belong to the London Insta-crew this place is probably old news - their now famous “Press for Champagne” button is part of the revamped “things-to-do in London” list, if there ever was one!
That leaves the out-of-towners - you lucky gits - to experience something different, something with flair and decadence! 

Bob Bob Richard market themselves as a Russian restaurant with a twist. Unlike Marivanna - the other "hot" Russian thing, with 18th century Russian-home hospitality - they have cultivated this Gatsby-like atmosphere  with blue, green and red booths, Art Deco brass details and impeccably dressed waiters in baby-pink waistcoats.
If you are a social butterfly, who wishes to see and be seen, go for the blue booths, if you are on a special date go for the green and if you can afford to buy champagne for your friends go for the red.

One of the new "things to do" in London town. 

What did we like? Well, as the saying goes, "Men are from Mars" ...and so on, I'll let you decide who went for what! 
Favourite combo one: The Amaretto Cherry Sour, their well-priced Russian Sturgeon caviar and the truffle fries. 
Favourite combo two: The Lobster Mac & Cheese and the Chocolate Royal.
There is Russian sturgeon and Oscietra caviar, starting from £27 for 20gr. We went mid-range and tried the Sturgeon, very smooth, not very sharp. A treat really!
Golden and cheesy Mac & Cheese

Salmon tartare and truffle fries, it's all about balance in life - you can't be too good, you can't be too bad!
I almost forgot about the other most video-ed item on the menu: the golden, chocolate bubble Royal.
When the waiter started pouring the hot chocolate over it, perfect triangular slices started peeling away, just like petals fall away from a flower.

Was it worth it? Hey, I did get to put my red dress on!

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