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Sunday Brunch - Mediterranean Eggs with Spinach and Greek Yoghurt

Eggs in tomato sauce are a staple, all around the Med.
May it be "kayiana" in Greece, or Calabrian "uovo fra'diavolo", or "Shakshuka" in Israel, it's all about fresh ingredients and a delicious, easy and healthy home-cooked breakfast.

Mediterranean Eggs with Spinach and Greek Yoghurt

- 3 cloves of garlic, chopped
- 200gr spinach, washed & drained
- 3-4 ripe tomatoes, washed
- pinch of cinnamon
- 2 tablespoons of olive oil
- 4 eggs
- salt & pepper

- Wholemeal multi-seed toast (or your favourite bread)
- olive oil
- dried oregano

Start with blending the tomatoes, one spoonful of olive oil, a pinch of salt and a pinch of cinnamon together in a blender. Set aside.

Warm up a tablespoon of olive oil in a wide frying pan, on medium heat and soon after, add the chopped garlic.

Once the garlic starts sizzling - or dancing around the pan, as my niece would say - add the spinach.

Toss the spinach around the pan until it's glossy, but not completely reduced down.
This should take 3-4 minutes. Do not cover the pan at this stage, let the steam evaporate.

Add the blended tomatoes to the pan and stir gently to spread out the spinach around the tomato sauce. Let most of the liquid evaporate and the tomato puree to cook down a bit. That should take 5-7 minutes, depending on how much water the tomatoes have.

Clear a spot at a time, amongst the tomato and spinach and crack an egg into it. Repeat three more times. Cover the pan straight away. After 4 minutes uncover the pan and switch the heat off completely.
Season with salt and pepper, dollops of Greek yoghurt and a sprinkle of olive oil, if you wish.

Serve immediately with lots of your favourite bread!

My favourite everyday bread is multi-seed toast, well toasted and sprinkled with olive oil and oregano! But use any kind of bread you like and if you happen to have the BBQ fired up, this makes for a great starter too!
This is the flavour of Greek barbeques and summer days! x

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