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All-Day Brunch - Black Duck Garden, Athens

Our curious host!

Athens is a foodie's paradise and if you haven't realised that yet, well, book your tickets and pack your stretchy pants too!
In just four days we managed to visit so many lovely restaurants;
some upmarket {see Salumaio d'Atene and Coocoovaya} and some simpler, see the utterly chaotic "Thanassis" in Mitropoleos street, where 3 of us had lunch for 25 euros - that's for pork gyros-filled pittas, souvlaki, fries and wine!

Regardless of the prices you pay, Athenian restaurants do have a certain amount of charm and respect for good food in common.
Something else they have in common: the staples of Greek cuisine, meat and cheese! So much cheese! 
When we eventually got the desire for a comforting, humble, ok maybe even a bit British-inspired brunch, we discovered the City of Athens Museum bistro: the Black Duck Garden.  

The museum is housed in what served as the very first house - or maybe palace - for Greece's first-ever king Othon and his queen Amalia, back in 1836!
The garden still boasts a palm tree that Amalia had planted at the time. The museum itself, is a joy to visit too, with a plethora of items from Athenian daily life...from stamps and musical instruments to furniture and books.
On to the eggs now: you can have Eggs Benedict or an omelette with your choice of topping - off course you can go for cheese again, or rather feta to be precise - and a glass of Prosecco for 15 euros! What else do you need on a festive, cold afternoon?
Lovely, homely surroundings, with a nod to the city's centuries-old love affair with the arts.
Kalimera! {=good morning}

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