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Afternoon Tea at Danesfield House

It was my niece's eighth birthday last month and getting her a gift was a mission.
I didn't see the point in adding even more toys and clothes to her already extensive collection, but I wanted something that would be as special as birthday gifts should be. 
Instead, I decided to take her to Danesfield House for her first afternoon tea. 

Before you go all judgemental on me and start asking "why are you taking a little one to such a posh place", I'll tell you what Lou (the birthday girl) said, when I told her where we were going:
"Oh, is this where we blew bubbles after your wedding?".
So now you get it, Danesfield House is where my husband and I got married two and a half years ago and Lou was a flower-girl, so it's a special place for her too. 
It's also where my parents took my fiancé's parents out to dinner for the first time ever, on a Boxing Day, ten years ago. We've spent New Year's there. We've had birthday celebrations there. Danesfield is a special place for us all really.  

The whole thing was so cute. Lou poured apple juice in a teacup to pretend she is having tea along with me. And her eyes opened wide when she saw the tiered trays with scones and sandwiches coming our way. She asked me: "are we having that too?" with a little smile on her face.

The staff at Danesfield were really attentive.
I had mentioned beforehand that this was a treat for my niece's birthday and we got the cakes tray with "Happy Birthday" written all over it with chocolate;  Everything was good in the world after that! It's so simple for kids, isn't it?

Dare to walk all the way to the edge of the gardens, the view will surprise you!

My favourite part is going outside, to walk around the gardens. Danesfield is build on a hill overlooking river Thames, so the view from up there is spectacular!

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