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Let's talk Balls!

Balls, balls, balls , balls... and so the evening went! 
If you need a topic of conversation around the table, Balls & Co in Soho is the perfect place, for obvious reasons. Especially for eight girls out in town, with extremely naughty minds!
Golden polenta chips!
To start with: golden balls! I mean they were humongous!
Deep fried arancini mac&cheese,  is what I'm talking about, silly! 
You can even get them if you are only popping in for a drink, at the speakeasy little den, down the stairs.
Soho on a quiet night is so different!
Main: nutty, crumbly balls for the veggies... quinoa and beetroot that is!
Porky balls and Wagyu beefy balls, for those who enjoy a good mouthful! 
Chicken balls with pesto, for the dignified ones! 
My favourite: fishy balls - served with béchamel, light and yummy!
Last but not least: salty, cheesey balls... or a more eloquent warm deep-fried "cheesecake doughnut with salted caramel", if you may! 
Fishy Balls!
On a side-note, this place is good value for money with a set group menu of £25 per head.
The menu was even printed just for us, with our hostess's name on top.  
If you take your mind away from balls for a minute, you must try the warm Brownie with Persian candyfloss...oh it melted away (you thought I was going to say "in your mouth", but I'm not going to, because I'm a lady and you have a dirty mind!).
Best candy floss, ever!

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