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Duck & Dry, Kings Road

I'd love for this to be my picture but sadly it's not; it's taken from the Duck & Dry website
Just before Christmas, my husband and I were strolling down King's Road on a quiet Sunday evening. We had just watched the new Star Wars movie and the boy was in high spirits; to be honest I was more impressed than I dared to admit, too!
Then I spotted this airy space with a bar, behind the windows and I immediately thought, "that's a nice new coffee place"!
Further nosing through the window identified the place as a hair salon.
A very cool, retro-almost, pastel-coloured hair salon, with a bar!

I don't normally get excited with these things but needless to say, I couldn't wait till my next haircut appointment! And what's best, no silly business: prices are the same as my local salons, that are not slap-bang on King's Road.
Mary, who cut my hair, was lovely and very attentive. And as for the cutting, I have to say that when I washed & styled my hair myself the next day, I was very pleased with the shape. It usually looks good when you leave the salon, but not when you do it yourself. Job well done.  
Even as I was waiting to have my hair washed, one of the assistants said to me " I'll make you a fresh coffee when you come back from washing your hair, you don't want to drink it cold". How nice!
Another lovely pic from the Duck & Dry website
With a fun motto like " Fine feathers make fine birds", what else would you expect but to have a fun afternoon, while polishing your feathers?  
I regret not staying there longer, though; 
I guess if you go with a friend, you can take it easier and enjoy the place a bit more. Any takers?


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