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The Greyhound, Rotherfield Peppard, Oxfordshire

Can I just say: "thank you Jay!" 
The lovely lady that put up will all of us: two babies, a toddler, two humongous strollers loaded with all kinds of paraphernalia and the worst of them all...8 loud adults.  
Crossing over the Thames in Henley
Every year, come late January, I plan a little Sunday gathering, out in a country pub, for our closest friends. Everybody seems to scatter off for Christmas and it's nice to re-group, have some down-time and catch up over yummy food. And I love the countryside this time of the year too. When everybody seems to be complaining about the weather, I find that rain simply suits this part of the world and it's the perfect excuse to sit in a cosy pub for a hearty meal.
This year we picked the Greyhound in Rotherfield Peppard, an Oxfordshire village pub, past Henley-on-Thames.
I was looking for good pubs around south Oxfordshire (we normally head to the Cotswolds, but we wanted something closer to London) and I didn't realise that this one is Antony Worall Thompson's pub. 
Even after I booked it though, I didn't expect him to be there on a Sunday, cooking roast for us.
Well, sure enough, as we were parking up behind the pub, there he was, coming out of the pantry;
he nodded, so did we!  

The pub interior is a wacky mix of animal heads, teddy bears hugging the beams, chandeliers and interesting pictures. Not your usual pub setup.
It felt so cosy though and the staff were really helpful. I do not have kids yet, but having our friends' little ones around, I appreciated how important it is to have patient people, who make sure you are comfortable and do not roll their eyes at the noise!
I kept apologising to Jay and in the end she said: "will you stop saying "sorry", I've got two kids at home". There you are, that sums it all up!

The food was lovely too, there is a huge menu, but we all went for a roast, with potatoes and extended trimmings...cauliflower cheese, mashed buttery carrots, asparagus, you get the picture.  What a feast! I think we ordered a bit too much though, because we could hardly finish all of the lovely trimmings.
And we certainly overextended our welcome. We were there until 5 in the evening, eating, drinking and giggling away with the adopted family - our good friends!
It's not just the interior of the pub that is wacky!

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