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Christmas Lights Trail through Kew Gardens, London

If you find yourself in London this Christmas season, do yourself a favour and visit Kew gardens.
At night.
"It's cold", you say.
"It will calm your mind and put you in a good mood", I say!

We visited Kew on a Friday evening, after work. Not the best of times to feel cheery and festive, I admit.
But, bear with me.
Even the hundreds of visitors at the gates didn't spoil this wonderful walk, through the magnificently set up Christmas trail.

Grab a cup of hot mulled wine - or cider with rum, if you just have to be different - and get on the trail. There is plenty of food to pick from, if you have kiddies along too.

First up, meet the "singing bushes". Yes, yes, we made all the relevant jokes too.
But trust me, when I say, that even the boys - grown men, really, but we call them boys, because they make us mother them, constantly; no, "nag" is not the word you were looking for - started humming to the Christmassy tunes, along with the bushes.

Then came the Palm House, in all of its' glory. 
It's an amazing sight even during the day, but imagine this glass mega-structure, all lit up in reds and purples, in pitch black background.

A bit further down you'll spot a sea of flames. Panic not, it's the Fire Field!
Simply majestic.
Everybody on the trail seemed to pause there and yet, everyone seemed mesmerised by the power of fire, so it was actually peaceful and mystical.

Make sure you stop at the playground, to have a cheese toastie.
It's only bread and cheese, but it's so good!
You know, when you sink your teeth in for the first bite and you can hear the crisp? That!
And then you taste the buttery cheese? course, you know, you are probably running to the kitchen to make one right now.
We didn't want to spoil our appetite though, hence we shared one toastie each, with the boys...or stole them from the boys, as they would put it.

By the way, if you really want to get worked up over cheese toasties, watch the movie "Chef", with Jon Favreau!
We've been perfecting ours ever since we watched this movie, and if that's not a job to do over Christmas, I don't know when it's for!  

But on with the trail: finally came the baubles.
It's so funny that even as grown ups we all get so excited at the prospect of lit up baubles.
Well, when you can walk through them, it's just so much fun!

I'll tell you what I wasn't impressed with: the Botanist pub on Kew Green.
We had booked a table there, two weeks in advance, because we knew that it's a busy period.
And we turned up, ready to have a satisfying pub dinner only to be told that the kitchen couldn't handle the capacity, so no more food for the night!
"But we've booked"! "Two weeks in advance"! Isn't that the point? That the kitchen gets ready?
Can't believe we gave up cheese toasties for this...
Anyway, no point crying over spilt milk.
On we went, to luckily find space at the Glasshouse, an upmarket petite restaurant, right next to Kew Station.
Great, great place.
I particularly love the warm cured salmon. It's a technique used more and more in restaurants around London, cured salmon, very smooth, with a very elegant taste.
No wonder, I realised afterwards that it's a Michelin star restaurant.
And we turned up in muddy boots and jeans, yet with impeccable cheer and fun attitude! They let us in!

Main at the Glasshouse: white pork with black garlic purée

The trails ends right back at the Palm House, but this time on the other side of the lake, with a spectacular view and a cheerful carols-lights-waterjets show.

Whatever you do, make sure you stop to hear the music...on or off the trail!
Merry Christmas!

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