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Sundays in Rome

Thanks to one of my favourite bloggers, Hither & Tither, I found out about a wonderful café on the Campitoglio Hill,  that overlooks the whole of Rome, from the edge of the roman Forum to St Peter's in the Vatican and the Pantheon. So what better place to start our second day in Rome?
See our first day in Rome here - yummy food picts and all.

Bright and early on Sunday morning circa 9:30ish we strolled down Piazza Campitelli in the Old Jewish Quarter and 2 minutes later we found ourselves at the bottom of the impressive Campitoglio Hill.
The sun was glistening on top of the renaissance buildings and we climbed up the broad steps, stopping every now and then to take pictures and take it all in.

On top of the steps we stood in the middle of the impressive Piazza di Campitoglio, designed by Michalangelo. The piazza is surrounded by three palaces, one of which still houses Rome's Town Hall. 
A wedding was already underway on the other side of the square, Roman women spotted in all of their glory, sequins and heels! You have to love the way they wear colours and red lipstick, first thing in the morning nevertheless!

The most wonderful feeling was sneaking off to the right of the Piazza, to Palazzo Caffarelli's café. The café isn't anything special, but the café doors open to this wonderful balcony with great views over the rooftops of the old city. It was all ours! There was hardly anyone there, apart from the Palazzo's carabinieri, who were having their morning espressos.

We had breakfast on the balcony: cold cofees, spumante di arrancia and cornetti with chocolate and cream. We really wanted to stay there and chat away but we had to check out so we returned to the flat. As we were leaving the café at 10:30am, groups of tourists started arriving at the Piazza. Time to run away...

After checking out, we took a taxi and drove to the Spanish Steps.
Our hosts at AirBnB were kind enough to let us store our bags at the flat, because our flights were later in the evening. After the tranquillity and uninterrupted views on Piazza Campitelli we were shocked with the amount of people crowding around the Piazza di Spagna.
How had we managed to avoid these crowds the whole weekend? Anyway, we were grateful we did and tried to get out of there as quickly as possible.

We walked towards Fontana di Trevi, popping into the lovely boutiques on the way. I love this about Italy, so many independent shops, supporting smaller suppliers, not less stylish than the high-street brands, nevertheless.

I wasn't too fussed about seeing the Trevi fountain, I thought it was just another creation of romcoms. But the size and complexity of the sculptures are actually impressive.
There was scaffolding all over them, because they are being cleaned at the moment, so I can only imagine how impressive all these figures will be with water running throughout and light glistening at night-time.

We didn't stay long, we headed down Politi Road to Angelina di Trevi, for lunch.
Angelina is a restaurant with fresh whitewashed walls and rosemary plants. We camped there for the next couple of hours. The food was wonderful, we finally found Fiori di Zucca: fried zucchini flowers filled with ricotta.

The Pork Saltimbocca with Polenta mash was light and velvety, perfect main!
And then came my sister's carbonarra in the deepest bowl ever, we lost her for a few minutes as she was diving into it.
Everything was served in lovely old-fashioned white china with a curved trim, it's a good Sunday feeling, especially if you are away from home!
You cannot go without dessert, the tiramisu is quite a good choice!

As the taxi drove past the bottom of the Campitoglio Hill on our way back to the flat, we couldn't believe the amount of people that were climbing up the stairs.
We felt so privileged to have had the place to ourselves earlier this morning.

So!  Word of advise: if you want to experience the popular monuments without huffing & puffing, do it very early in the morning or later in the evening, it's all so charming either way!

There were tears and hugs as we were all parting to the three separate directions we came from, but we promised that we'll make an effort to have a weekend away altogether, once a year.
Life gets busy, you feel caught up in the flow of things and only this lovely support system called "best friends" can keep you grounded and centred, so you can re-align your path every now and again.  

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