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Be an adventurer today - The Slaughters, Cotwolds

Decided to skive off work today?
Forget about shopping and lounging in front of the TV.
Put your Wellies on - they are oh, so trendy, after all - and get out there in the Cotswold's countryside: Lower Slaughter, to be specific!  

"It's cold and wet out there", you say!
"It's as close, as it gets, to Alice in Wonderland", I say!

Don't let the name frighten you either, this little dot on the map is a dollhouse village, complete with its' own watermill!

Wander around the village and you won't see a single tree that looks neglected, a single fence that needs repainting. It's picture perfect!
People are so easy-going around there that you'll see old books and lavender pouches for sale, on the stone fences outside the little cottages; nobody is there to oversee the sale, it's all rested on good, old-fashioned trustworthiness, as a little note informs you!

So, allow yourself to be part of the countryside for a day, stop at the Old Mill for a cup of tea and if you are feeling adventurous, try the little track to Upper goes a bit like this: 

"Follow the track behind the watermill,
Cross three fields (what does that mean, well start counting...)
Cross the stone bridge
Walk across the old wall that runs on your left
and here you are!"
No maps, no cheating though!
Adventurers don't need maps anyway!

If you need something a bit more comfortable, try Lower Slaughter Manor (check availability) for afternoon tea.

We took dad there on Father's day and we spent a good two hours in our own little private mezzanine area, with bay windows overlooking the gardens.

So give it a go and if you don't come back home full of fresh air, clear mind and a relaxed mood...well, you are just being difficult really! 

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