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Breakfast at Albion, Shoreditch

An East London dinner with a feel of coastal living. 
Albion café is at the ground floor of the Boundary Building, a Victorian warehouse-turned hotel, restaurant, rooftop bar and breakfast spot.

When my parents and little sis landed in Stansted early last Thursday morning, my dad requested that we went for breakfast to Shoreditch, just like last time.
We parked around Arnold Circus, my favourite little oasis amongst Shoreditch's madness. The choice for breakfast was either Dishoom or Albion, we went for Albion this time.

It's an interesting and very versatile space.
The way to the toilets for example, is covered in fun, playful wallpaper, fit for a nursery, while the white wood-panelled section with little splashes of red coffee pots and nautical lamps, made me think of  lighthouses and mornings by the sea in the Hamptons... time for a holiday me thinks!
Rustic feeling with fresh fruit & veg outside the front door, dozens of sweet pastries and cakes right inside and a very sleek entrance to the rooftop bar and hotel, right behind the refrigerators!

Around 10 in the morning, the place was already busy. A lot of business meetings taking place, but quite a few local couples were hanging out too, a good sign.
There is a full English breakfast option, off course, with bacon, eggs, tomatoes, black pudding, beans...the works. But there are lighter versions if you are calorie-counting too. My mum went for the spinach frittata and I went for the butternut squash & spinach with a poached egg. Yummy but a little bear for presentation, I guess it's part of calorie counting?
The bread was fresh and fluffy though and the butter disappeared pretty quickly. Why am I eating bread if I'm going for a lighter breakfast version? Balance people, balance; life is too short, to deny yourself all the good stuff, all the time. 
As a matter of fact, here's an article, I read recently about the whole debate on butter; as ancient Greeks used to say "pan metron ariston" in other words, moderation is the best option.
Lovely smoothies and detox potions are available too for a healthy start. I had the homemade lemonade, great zingy flavour to wake up and start the day with! 

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