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Signature Day at Coworth Park Spa

My Christmas gift from my husband, was a Signature Spa day at Coworth Park

It came upon my request for two reasons. Let me explain...
Firstly, I find it increasingly difficult to slow down during the week lately, weekends are filled with chores, cleaning, kitchen & house planning, studying, marking, blogging and - phew - some dancing when feasible. 

Bottom line: no time for quite time, I mean zero. 

Secondly, Christmas gifts are great when you open them, but they tend to get lost amongst the excitement of the day; whereas gifts you can enjoy later, in the midst of post-Christmas, grey days for example, serve a much better purpose. 

So I booked myself in at Coworth Spa on a February weekday, to break away from the working week. How did that go?

I almost had a panic attack until I left the house, thinking that everything that could go wrong, would go wrong in the office, just because I wasn't there. No, I don't think I'm that irreplaceable, I just take on responsibility to another level sometimes, for no reason, whatsoever. 

Anyway, I was counting on the drive through gorgeous Virginia Waters to calm me all happened very slowly. 
The area around Coworth Park is full of parks, lakes and gorgeous houses. It's close to Ascot too. It wasn't the best of days to drive through the green site, cloudy, raining and grey, but the tranquillity of Coworth Park estate overpowered me, as soon as I drove in. Promising start!

The Spa is a separate building to the rest of the hotel, which some people might find a bit too isolating.
Some of the ladies I spoke to ,as I was getting ready to leave, said that they found it a bit clinical. But I will admit that I did not speak to anyone for most of the day, apart from ordering lunch and I actually found it very therapeutic!
Now, although this is a small facility overall, it did not feel crowded at any point.

The Spa building is in a futuristic half moon shape, facing the grounds.
The thought that I was in Dr Blofeld's clinic on the Schillthorn, with James Bond, did cross my mind. The changing rooms are very minimalistic but everything you need is laid out in case you forgot to bring it along; things like deodorant, face cream, hand cream, shampoo and conditioner are all there for you to use.  
I went straight to the pool to relax.
It is at the lower level of the building, facing a courtyard which is protected by a little hill, so although you don't have views across the lawns, nobody can see in either.
The pool is heated and the whole room feels quite warm, perfect spot if you want to close your eyes while reading a book.

Around mid-day I had my Signature Spa treatment. Money well spent!
An hour and a half of exfoliation, massage and toning, face cleansing, head massage and even foot massage. 
My therapist was really good, she didn't stop for a minute. I lost count of how many different layer of lotions she applied, tit must have been close to 15 layers of creams and toning. I don't normally include facials in my treatments because my skin is sensitive and although some of the oils used, did sting at first, nothing caused me a reaction. 

The body treatment was fun.
What I mean, cheeky, is that after applying a layer of Hungarian mud on my back, the therapist covered my back with a plastic sheet and a warm towel, followed by hot stones and then she used the towels I was lying on, to cocoon me into a little bundle.
I imagined hovering in the room and looking down, I must have looked like a baby, all wrapped up.

When it was all over, I laid down in one of the loungers in the relaxation room and I couldn't believe how radiant my face looked.
You don't realise that even your face muscles get tense.  All of the stress gone.
I had to go for lunch and I wasn't sure I wanted to break this streak of quite and no talking!

Lunch was served at the Spatisserie, get it?
It's a small restaurant on the first floor with floor-to-ceiling windows and wonderful views across the grounds. The food was actually quite filling and I loved their juice combinations, great nutrients. I couldn't even finish my pavlova, can you believe it?
The thought of ordering a glass of champagne did cross my mind, but I didn't want anything to spoil this clarity I felt. I kept downing water with cucumber and lemons though! So refreshing, it's a little trick I play with myself when I don't feel like drinking water, pop some mint and lemon in it and there goes the whole jar...

My day ended by the pool, I thought of leaving after lunch but this warm pool-room felt so cosy, plus the pool changed colour to blood red in the early evening.
I had to have one last dip. 

Let me tell you, swimming in seemingly clear red waters is one of the sexiest things to public. And there was hardly anyone there, peace, quite and for once, no thoughts other than how gorgeous the water felt.
Mission accomplished! 

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