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Prawn Saganaki

Another Friday night favourite, for post-work, fast and yummy cooking.
Max out on the use of garlic and Ouzo as you please, go lighter with the Feta and you'll have a very tasty, utterly scoop-able combo, to dip your bread in.

Make this dish as expensive, or as cheap as you like, depending on what kind of prawns you get;
it works either way.
I'd say get larger prawns if you are making it as a starter, then every person gets a good-sized bite;
if you want to serve it as a main with rice, then you can go for smaller prawns.
I know the old rule: don't mix fish with cheese, but rules are meant to be broken ...with Feta and prawns, in this case. Or maybe it's the Ouzo that brings everything together; who knows, have a go and tell me what you think.

Prawn Saganaki for 2 people

- 250gr Prawns, peeled & uncooked
- Two Bell Peppers, washed, cored and cut lengthwise
- Two large, ripe tomatoes, chopped finely // or a tin of chopped tomatoes will also do, it's Friday night after all!
- One shot of Ouzo (don't be too precise with it!)
- Half a bulb of Garlic, peeled & grated
- 100gr Feta, crumbled
- Juice of Two lemons
- A teaspoon of cinnamon
- Salt & freshly grounded Pepper
- Olive Oil (about three tablespoons)

Warm the olive oil in a wide pan and add the peppers, the cinnamon and a touch of salt.
Fry the peppers for 3 minutes.
Halfway through frying, add the garlic. Garlic burns easily, so keep an eye.  
Add the tomatoes and cook them down for around 10 minutes in medium heat. If you are using fresh tomatoes add a tip of a teaspoon of sugar, it takes the acidity away.
Add in the prawns and cook until they turn nice and pink. It depends on their size but that can take between 4 - 7 minutes. Check for salt at this point and add some more, as you please.
Right at the end add the Ouzo and most of the Feta.
Play it by ear, don't stick to one shot of Ouzo, if you fancy going heavier with it, do it! Cook for a further two minutes, so that the alcohol doesn't evaporate completely and you'll still get the taste of aniseed. Also, the feta shouldn't dissolve completely.
You're done.
Squeeze the two lemons over the serving pot, which quite frankly should be the frying pan.
Finish off with the remaining crumbled Feta and generous sprinkle of freshly ground pepper.

Grab that corner of bread and attack!

This is meant to be eaten as a mezze with lovely, crusty bread, crisp white whine, or you guessed it, with Ouzo! For heaven's sake, don't do Ouzo shots though;
sip it slowly with ice or a splash of cold water... x

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