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Lunch at Oblix, The Shard

Approaching the Shard at street level is exciting. 
This spear shoots straight up reflecting all blues, greys and whites from the clouds and the ever changing London sky; if you take a minute to discover nature even in this completely built up part of the city, you won't be disappointed.
Mind you, there isn't much parking around, so try to use the Tube or a cab. Oblix has its' own entrance on street level and a lift takes you straight up to floor 32, in the Shard.
If you have booked a table you can go straight into the lift, alternatively there is always a bit of a queue. 

On level 32 turn right for Aqua, the popular bar with spectacular views over the City and left for Oblix.
The entrance to Oblix is almost mystic... low lightning, floor to ceiling stone walls and a long corridor with a fire burning at the's leaves you want to explore more! 

Walk between the kitchen and the bar, stop at the fridge to peek at all of the cured meats on offer and try not to be too loud when the view finally hits you! 
It's spectacular! Just like a classic painting in a modern frame. 
All the way from Battersea Power Station and the London Eye to St Paul's and Herron Tower, the city is there, shdowing off for you.

When we visited it was a rainy day so everything looked grey, the buildings, the landscape, even the river. But grey suits this place, it's not disheartening or sad, it's just sombre. Down around Borough Market, people were running around, the trains in and out of London Bridge station non-stop. Life.

At that moment I thought of Bridget Jones movie, why? No idea. Maybe because it was all too real! Maybe because there is rarely a moment to just sit back and let it all sink in.
Living in London never fails to inspire me, it's always like a childhood dream come true and even after having spent half of my life here, I still need to pinch myself sometimes. 

The restaurant is as sleek as you would expect, with a fake library background that makes the place a bit more approachable and a good mixture of couples and groups of friends happily enjoying their Saturday lunch;  it was refreshingly easy going. 

The food was pleasantly filling.
My duck was just right. Succulent but not rare, with a sweet mango chutney for balance. Mash with roasted garlic was so comforting and velvety, with a hint of spice, perfect for this rainy day!  
The  pork belly cubes looked rather small initially, but  after having all the trimmings they proved quite filling too. Not to mention they were so soft, they were falling apart!
My husband even proclaimed that the chips were the best he's ever had!  It's the little things in life, huh? 
Lunch at the Oblix was a birthday treat and a good one too!
It's great to be pampered once in a while but even greater to find the time to give yourself the chance to appreciate this moment in time and life! x

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