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Smiths of Smithfield

If you have been in London for as long as I have, you will agree that almost all of your university friends have scattered around the world, over the years. 
It's great when you are travelling to know that you have friends all over, but when you are the one left at the original spot, you can't help but miss them! 
So, one of my friends who has moved abroad for work was visiting London and we got  to have our annual catch up. Hours of fiery, non-stop chat with a lot of gesturing, laughing and the occasional cocktail sip!  Smiths of Smithfield proved to be the perfect spot this time!

I arrived around Smithfield's earlier than anticipated (how did that happen?) so I thought I'd stroll around the market.
If you are visiting London and you want a glimpse of the City of London's commercial (but non-banking) life, Smithfield's market is a good starting point. During the day you'll catch all the hustle & bustle and hear some "proper" east-end chatting and in the evenings, although the market is closed, it's a great time to have a good wonder around.

Not to mention that Smiths, across the street is always alive with a vibrant crowd, outside. The market building itself is so interesting if you slow down and take time to look at the carvings and decorations on the shutters and railings.

And then climbing up the stairs in Smiths, you have the most artistic view of the market dome. An impressive backdrop for dinner through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the second floor restaurant!

You guessed it right: we had dinner in the second floor restaurant, an open, industrial loft. Very easy going. The waiters are friendly and helpful, considering my friend left me waiting for half an hour, they came over to joke and make sure I've got everything I needed. Almond Daiquiri in other words!
A revelation: Almond Daquiry...I prayed it would be good and it was awesome! Perfect balancing act between hints of almond and citrus... very delicate and very easy to dink. It will knock your socks off too! 

The menu is mainly based around BBQ-ed meats with some impressive burgers and steaks coming out of the open plan kitchen, but the vegetarian Spinach, Mushroom & Ricotta Rotolo was delicious too!

If you happen to pop into the toilets you'll be taken aback by the view there too! The windows overlook the tube line, which curves and disappears between the old warehouse-style buildings making you think that the train is about to crash into them...fascinating! 
Forget about oh-so-trendy "toilet selfies", take a minute to look out of this window!

Last but not least: dessert! A crown of baked Alaska: just look at it, you really don't want to spoil this masterpiece, or do you...who am I kidding? 
Rum and raising ice cream, covered in soft, gooey meringue: attack! x

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