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The Pig on the Beach, Dorset

Oh how I love this place!
I planned our whole weekend in Dorset around a visit to this little Piggy.
A couple of years ago we stumbled across its' big sister, the Pig in the New Forest and I have not let go of that feeling of homely hospitality, great food and relaxed setting with the big swing in the garden.
And when I realised that there is another piggy around, I made it our mission to go check it out!

It was a mission alright!
We set off from Christchurch on Sunday morning, sunny day, clear skies, "we should be there in less than an hour", we thought!
We didn't realise that the route involved the Poole-Swanage ferry.
"That's great on a sunny day", you are thinking.
Well, the queue at Sandbanks was more than a mile long and we ended up waiting for an hour and a half for the shortest crossing in the world: less than five minutes from shore to shore!

Arriving at the Pig-on-the-beach made everything fade away....the old building looked like a gingerbread house with its' little towers and a dozen chimneys popping up over the roof.
Big smiles, we just wanted to run around and explore..."restrain yourself dear, you are not six"! 

The garden at the back has an amazing view over Studland Bay, Old Harry's Rocks and the white cliffs of the Isle of White. The air was so crisp and clear. The perfect spot to set up our Sunday lunch camp.

Now, if you have read the post about the Pig in the New Forest you would know that we were here for the Scotch Eggs and the cocktails!
But I didn't see them on the menu, so we asked.
Well, they are called Hock Eggs.
Aaah now we're taking! They were crispy on the outside, with the slightly salty and flaky hock hugging the sweetest quail egg, finished with a smooth Coleman's dressing. 

A sip of  our marmalade-gin potion, happy days!
Oh, the cocktails! Not only they are refreshing and smooth but the best part is that they come in all kinds of jugs, tumblers and jars hence, we love them!
Presentation is important and toying with people's childhood memories does the trick for a pleasant meal. 

We had slow-roast pork as a main, with all the lovely trimmings, wiggly carrots, crispy roasts and puffed up Yorkshires.
The menu is proudly sourced within 25 miles of the restaurant, and you do get a map on the back of your menu with all of the suppliers locally. It allows for smaller, quality producers to keep going, without the need for mass production, nice touch! 

We spent a good, two hours over lunch and drinks, soaking in the sunshine and the view, but we desperately needed to move around a bit, after sitting in the car earlier for so long.

The path just off the garden takes you down closer to the beach and you soon realise that this corner of the bay is a secluded spot for all kinds of motorboats and yachts and sailboats, even canoes! People were swimming in the shallow waters and I wish I hadn't eaten so much or I would jump in with my clothes on.

On the way down you pass some old-fashioned gypsy wagons that serve as guest rooms and treatment rooms! 
And if you look around there are a couple of perfectly round structures with thatched roofs, resembling Smurf's houses, they are also guest rooms!

We really didn't want to leave, but we had a long drive back home; it took four and a half hours instead of three even though we avoided the ferry this time!
The whole world seemed to be in Dorset this weekend!
By the time we got back from our walk they had lit the fire in the fireplace and were getting some amazing cakes out for afternoon tea. 
No it wasn't the tea we were craving, just the lovely atmosphere and tranquillity, it felt like a million miles away from everyday life; then again, weekend mission accomplished! x
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  1. I can't wait to try the Pig - looks fabulous! Looks like you had a lovely sunny weekend in lovely Dorset!

  2. Hi Anna! You absolutely must try it out! ...and then let's compare notes.
    It's a very hospitable place with amazing views. We had a great time in Dorset and we'll be back soon! Kiki xx


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