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Inspiration: Ballet Romance

Nine years of my childhood were spent following the Royal Ballet School's curriculum, nine years of pure joy! 
Ballet is all about hard work, discipline and elegance, all at the same time. Good values to follow throughout life, if you ask me. 
It's also about soft nude ballet shoes and cosy wraps that keep you warm in the middle of the winter, when you are practising. 
So, I got so excited when I saw Victoria's Secret ballet-inspired line. I thought I'd share it with you...

My absolute favourite is the Ballerina Gown; 
At first thought my mind says …"I wouldn't dare wear this in public".
I can see someone like Charlize Theron turning up in this on the red carpet, looking absolutely ethereal.
But then the added years of confidence kick in (i.e. getting older) and I'm thinking "this would be chic with a short, structured blazer".

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