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Unusual Gifts: Segway Rally!

My husband and I, are the kind of couple that still celebrate our engagement anniversary, although we're now married. We are also the kind of couple people who have had enough of stuffy dinners and are looking for something different. For the past couple of years I keep finding myself drawn to gifting experiences rather than clothes, jewellery...things. 
Sounds a bit whimsical and naughty, doesn't it? I'll elaborate.

Last year I got him a flying lesson for his birthday...I couldn't believe the smile on his face that whole day. He was telling everybody for the months to come. Now for our engagement anniversary I booked a Segway Rally for two...guess what? He can't wait to go again. Neither can I. Despite the bruises and falls and likelihood of rain, we had a blast! A Segway Blast!

Quick briefing: step on it, find your balance, done! It feels a bit wobbly at the beginning but it's all about controlling it with your body weight and posture. Lean forwards, it moves forwards. Lean backwards, it goes backwards! Easier said than done?

We went to Bray Watersports Centre on a rainy Saturday afternoon; our spirits, just like the weather, were a bit dampened. After the five minute briefing, off we went to the off-road track in the surrounding woodland.  Now we're talking!  When I asked our teenage instructor if everybody falls off the Segway, she said: no, just don't get too cocky!

We spent a good forty minutes roaming around the forest, taking care not to bounce off trees' roots blocking the path and zooming up and down dirt ditches. It was fun!

Then I decided to go through a ditch the opposite way than what the instructor showed us...lean forwards, go down, straighten up to control your speed, remember not to lean too much going down or you'll be flat on your face...lean forwards again to go up the ditch...almost all the way, skidding, panic, make funny wow-wow-wow sounds and fall backwards! Are you worried? I loved it!
Got up straight away thinking...let's do this again and...ouch!

The instructor came to reset the Segway and said: oh, yes I forgot to tell you, you are not meant to go through the ditches the other way, just the one I showed you!
Thanks for the thumbs up, girl!

A few tips: wear clothes that you won't mind getting muddy. Elbow and knee pads are provided. Make sure you don't have anything major planned for the next day because you'll probably be in quite a bit of pain, especially if you are lucky to fall off... let loose and have a blast! x

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