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202, Westbourne Grove

What's your position on queueing?

I refuse to queue for nightclubs and my girlfriends and I walked away from "Radio" because we had to queue just to have drinks, but for some bizarre reason queueing around Westbourne Grove in search of brunch, is perfectly acceptable on a weekend afternoon!  

A couple of Sundays ago , post bake-sale, we wondered around Westbourne Grove in search of a cool spot for breakfast. Everywhere was busy, the weather was scorching hot! Bloody French, Granger & Co, Daylesford ...all packed.

For some reason we didn't mind standing in the queue for 202, though. 

There was a breeze and they very kindly offered us a glass of water, while we were standing there. 
It must have been our good mood from a smiley Sunday morning ...hmm. 

Their avocado vinaigrette was wonderful, it has become a usual on our daily eats at home, with a hint of garlic , perfect! 
I am a fan of fresh, homemade lemonade; the retro perfect cooler!  
Although I'm not a big fan of sausages, their Italian sausages were rich and spicy and alongside the eggs, they hit the spot! 

Who would have thought that at the back of a bookshop hides such a lovely brunch spot? And you must take a minute to look at the photos on the wall...Jack Nicholson was starring at me throughout brunch...x

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