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Cucumber and Elderflower Collins

Summer's here, so its time to grab a drink and enjoy the outdoors. 

My nieces time and time again, spend hours in the garden trying to make bubbles; this time I decided to join in! After a few seconds I couldn't follow the  conversation any more, who knew that trying to get bubbles floating in the air would be so fascinating... these little munchkins know how to have fun!

Back to the drink talk. My husband whipped up this light and refreshing cocktail to go with our family BBQ in the garden. A Cucumber and Elderflower Collins. 

It's quite convenient for mixed groups because it tastes equally good with or without Gin. We made the jug without it and left it up to everybody to add in as much Gin as they liked. 

To make this cocktail you will need the following ingredients (for each glass):
Large shot of Gin (50ml)
Shot of Elderflower Cordial (25ml, Bottlegreen is best)
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Some sliced cucumber
Soda water (chilled)
Cubed ice

To start, find and nice tall glass and half fill it with ice.
Add the Gin, lime juice and elderflower cordial.
Add some slices of cucumber and top with soda, then give the glass a stir to mix and finish with a slice of cucumber to garnish.

Nice and easy!
Now go enjoy the sun. x

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