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The Inn at Fossebridge, Afternoon Tea in the Cotswolds

In honour of the mini May heatwave we've been having in the UK, I've decided to take a break from telling you all about our Asian adventures and tell you what we did last Sunday afternoon, instead.

If you are stuck in London with nothing to do, blast your favourite playlist in the car and take a mini road trip to The Land of Hobbits and Men , as I love to call it! Even though the weather wasn't that great when we went, after having spending all Saturday sorting out the junk that accumulates during the week (you know the feeling, I'm sure!), on Sunday we thought we needed some tranquillity with no fuss and no rushing, no matter what the weather was like! Off to the Cotswolds! 

I searched online for the best afternoon teas in the Cotswolds and the Inn in Fossebridge came up.
I called to make sure they had space and off we went! Here's the thing about driving around the Cotswolds: you have to drive slow to take it all in. It's not just the destination that matters, it's the journey. Horses and farm animals pop up everywhere in the fields, and my favourite honey-stone cottages covered in foliage make me smile at the thought that some simplicity and tranquillity can still be found in the world.
The Inn was quiet. I actually mean, dead!
We rang the bell at reception and a lady came out, sounding a bit puzzled about us wanting tea..."but we called"!
"Off course you did and you'll get the high tea you bargained for, too", she said!  
Tea is normally served in the bar area of the Inn; a bare stone den with burning log fires and deer antlers crowing the walls. We asked if we could take our tea in the breakfast area, it's a shabby chic room, with mis-matched tables and amazing views over the back garden.
It was great having the place all to ourselves, we even put Spotify on for some background music! Looking out of the window, we realised why this is considered one of the best places for afternoon tea: the back garden!
Sandwiches were freshly made, a bit rustic, but yummy.
Tea is a simple affair here, but it hits the spot. Chocolate overload: warm brownies, on top of chocolate tart, which we demolished, nevertheless!  We couldn't finish everything, but at £15 per head, grandma's words about finishing what's on you plate, went out of the window. 

When we finished our tea, we went out in the garden, walked around the lake and messed about taking photos.
We stopped and looked at the crystal clear reflection of the trees and the clouds in the lake. I love feeling in owe of nature. There is a 2 mile walk, which must be heaven on a sunny day.
About a year and a half ago, I decided to write my first blogpost ever, right down the road, in Cold St Aldwyns, after a wonderful weekend full of food, friends and amazing landscapes.
As you realise, my husband and I, as well as our friends, are all very fond of this area so if you have any tips about little hidden gems, please do share!

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