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Return to Shoreditch - Street Food, Decadent Bars & Permit Cafes

 I moved out of Shoreditch with a heavy heart, as the regenerated, new-age Spitafields market was re-opening, a couple of years ago.
Even though I am not your usual full-time hipster type - but rather the City type that was chaffed to walk to work - I loved that place. Hence, I do not understand why people think that Shoreditch is only good for the 20somethings that have had a rainbow explode in their wardrobe.
I remember frequenting all the joints around Hoxton Square and Brick Lane after work in my grey and blue suit attire and never felt more relaxed. 

A lot of my friends from Chelsea and Fulham rarely venture East.
To be honest Shoreditch is hardly considered "East" any more, it's right there, on the edge of the City and during working days ties mingle with arty polka dots and pink jeans. There, not so scary!  So when I called for a gathering in Shoreditch, last Bank holiday weekend, only a few obliged.
I have to apologise beforehand for not taking too many pictures, I was a bit busy eating most of the time! 
There is so much diversity. And that's where my head and soul flourish. 

First stop Beach Blanket Babylon.
A massive warehouse space turned into an uber-decadent, quirky and luxe bar and restaurant. Very different to its' Notting Hill sibling. Service is much better too. We grabbed some sliders and croquettes to go with our BBB cocktails, and lounged around in the red sofas. The sliders were juicy and yummy but...tiny, so their effect wore off quickly. Time to move on.  

Sleek Beach Blanket Babylon set up

Next stop the Urban Food Fest for some seriously fresh and tantalising food.
Every Saturday night this Shoreditch High-street car-park turns to an open air food fest. We walked around guided by what smelled best. I went for the Frenchy Bur-ger with Duck Confit and Blue Cheese & Honey dressing - now try saying that with Steve Martin's accent in the Pink Panther, I promise it will taste even better! 

Choosing which food-truck to go for wasn't an easy decision. 
There was a "grilled cheese" stall which I can live on, but summer being so close I resisted. The next contender was Peruvian skewers. They smelled superbly! My friends went all Peruvian and got the chunkiest pieces of meat, grilled over roaring flames to perfection.
Another friend came back with the brightest looking burger ever - corn bread, packed with grilled chicken, salad and feta! How crunchy and fresh does that sound?
One of the boys announced very proudly that he got a salad...puzzled looks all around. We soon discovered it was a fried chorizo "salad", covered in creamy sauce, that made much more sense!
As a snack we got Wunder-Wurst to share! Why "Wunder" (i.e. miracle) you ask. Well, it was stuffed with melting cheese...not for the faint hearted.
Last but not least crepes! Simple really...Nutella, bananas and strawberries, very healthy... 

Why would you pay money for a sit-down restaurant when you can do this on a Spring evening in the city? Street food galore, plus you get to mingle with a nice crowd! People come up to you, to ask how your food tastes so, smile and chat'll be surprised.
A julep at Dishoom
In typical English weather style, it soon started drizzling. Time to take cover.
Well, we run across the road to Dishoom.
I've been waiting to try a Julep for a long time, so here we go. Edwina's Affair was the perfect love triangle of cardamom, rose water and gin, although I could have done with less ice and more drink. Just saying! Loved the copper tumblers though!
What a great concept, to bring Prohibition time Mumbai cafes back to life... this is one of those times when we all thought "I'd love to own a place like this". 

The evening finished at good old Loungelover's that never ceases to impress, even after all these years.
Really, how old is this place?
It was already established a decade ago, when I first started going there and it is still relevant with no major changes. Hidden in the tiniest street off a tinier street, it's a hub of all things wonderful and miraculous; 
Oh yes, I do miss Shoreditch! 

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