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Naumi Boutique Hotel, Singapore

A lot of hotels claim to be "boutique", but this one, certainly lives up to it! 

Coming to the end of our Asian Adventures, having had lazy days in Malaysia's Sepang Coast, glamorous nights at Seminyak's vibrant hood and adventurous jungle experiences in northern Bali, we are back where we started from: my new obsession, Singapore

Our stay at the Naumi was very much like unwrapping a box full of surprises! 
If I was in Singapore again for business, I'd gladly pick this hotel as my home away from home. The whole concept is based around clever design and space maximisation, with a sense for comfort.

We stayed in the Habitat room; 
a room "full of surprises", as the staff informed us. 
As soon as the room door opened all you see is a transparent minimalist bar, that lights up and is surrounded by neutral whites and greys. It's your sink, beauty counter and mini bar!  
Right behind it, there is a glass wall. You are thinking wardrobe? Nope. Hit the switch and the glass unfrosts to reveal your toilet and shower! "Unfrosts" is the cool word here! 
Then you pull out a tall cupboard, wardrobe here? Nope! It contains your Nespresso machine, loaded with a dozen coffee capsules. 

Now brace yourselves: the first helping at the mini bar is free!
Beer and spirits included!
The bed is fluffy and very comfortable and on the bedside table there are a couple of chargers for your i-devises, Wi-Fi is free off course. 
When we arrived, we got talking to our hostess about how amazing it must be to swim in the highest infinity pool in Singapore, the one in Marina Bay Sands hotel. The lady (with her futuristic cape/uniform) informed us that the Naumi pool has also been designed as a copy of the one in Marina Bay Sands and that we won't be disappointed with the view. 
Off course we run to the top floor, like children looking for a playground and...whoa!
Did not expect that!
Needless to say we spent our first evening right there, by the rooftop pool, surrounded by skyscrapers, all lit up, ordering yummy fusion Indian and Chinese snacks, alongside pizza and cocktails.

The next morning, when I came to swim amongst this very dynamic backdrop, I realised we had a straight view of the iconic Raffles Hotel.
I knew straight away how we were going to start that evening! Did you know that at the original Raffles bar, all of the peanut shells go on the floor? That was a fun fact to learn, on the spot, while complaining about the mess on the floor...embarrassing!
Now! When was the last time your hotel offered collagen for breakfast?
Yes you heard me. And it wasn't in Hollywood!
How progressive!
No I didn't have any, my husband did though; those lips are filling up quickly!
Off course, if I tell you that they also offered champagne to ease your morning-after hangover you'd makes sense.
It does, just like every other little detail around the hotel!

41 Seah St, Singapore 188396
 Phone: +65 6403 6000

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