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Alila Villas, Ubud

Just look at that infinity pool nested right on top of Ayud river Gorge.
Jungle luxury awaits!
When I think about the Alila Villas in Ubud, all I need to do is close my eyes and see all shades of green! 

The jungle retreat is spread out in structures that fit right in with the natural surroundings.
Take a step past the main lobby and you will spot the magnificent infinity pool down the steep steps designed after the stacked rice fields, in the surrounding area. 

Arriving here from Seminyak
was a little shock to our system, especially to our heads; have you ever experienced absolute silence to the point where your ears start buzzing - if not, then something is wrong with me!

That's exactly what happened, as soon as we arrived at the Alila. (check availability)
Crystal clear silence broken by the occasional bird or frog sound! If you want to clear your mind, there is no better place!

Right then, we did look at each other for a moment thinking... did we intend to be that isolated?

But during check-in, we received an invitation to pre-dinner drinks from the hotel management, so we got to mingle with other guests in the hotel art gallery on our first night.

Ubud centre is fifteen minutes away, the hotel shuttle runs four times a day, for free; plus a local taxi ride will cost you 70,000 rupiah (£3.50). So don't panic!
The hotel also organises special events for dinner; on our first night we sampled a spice market setting, with live barbecued prawns, suckling pig which is a local delicacy and traditional Balinese dancing.

There was a massive wooden box on the bed waiting for us, as we arrived that late afternoon: it was filled with two bottles of home-made brews and a packet of buttery cookies.
We lit a candle and a mosquito repellent, filled our glasses with the strong cinnamon alcoholic brew and sat outside ... green everywhere!

The gorge in front of our room was buzzing with animal sounds and on the right, deep in the horizon you could see the mountains in a bluish aura with in a light purple light surrounding them.
This was different to anywhere we'd been to before! 

Time to get ready for dinner: then you get to discover that the shower and bath are both outside! Drop a bamboo blind and you're in business.
When I showed the pictures to my friends I joked that before you "ooh and aah" take a minute to think that you are showering out in the open, alongside lizards and toads! (I didn't actually see any around our shower)
One of them - one of my friends I mean, not the lizards - promptly reminded me that I used to be a Girl-guide and I'm supposed to love and care for all animals out there... that cut me short! 

Breakfast was the best part of the day! Oh wait maybe afternoon tea by the pool is the best...oh nevermind...
Sitting outside, at the restaurant balcony, seemingly flowing over the gorge, amongst the clouds was the perfect way to start the day! Breakfast was all a-la-carte but it didn't disappoint! Everything seemed so clean and natural, croissants and eggs Benedict, smoothies and crepes with bananas hmmm...

The Spa is Alila's pride and joy.
You'll find it right on top of a small hill in the middle of the resort. Steps carved on the side of a hill give the impression that you are ascending on to a special place...architecturally the whole place is so well-thought and planned out!
Try the Balinese-style massage, it's got this constant flow of movements, rather than mere pressure; very light and relaxing...
Lounging around the pool mid-afternoon was extraordinary. Oh, the colours!  
Clouds constantly changing shapes and colours turning from white to silver and threatening grey, the light forever changing the shades on the trees and the pool water... jungle heaven! x 

Desa Melinggih Kelod, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 80572, Indonesia
Phone:  +62 361 975963

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