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Anantara Resort, Seminyak, Bali

What a warm welcome!

It's not often than hotel staff memorise your name and treat you like a house guest throughout your stay! 

Especially at breakfast, the always smiling and softly spoken Balinese ladies of the Anantara, hovered around us like fussy mothers, making sure we got properly stuffed with lovely eggs Benedict, light and fluffy Nasi Goreng, dim sum, feta salad, deliciously fried Perkedel Ketang (potato patties in an egg batter), superb chocolate croissants and a vast selection of cheese that made my bikini-clad life very difficult.
Not to forget the fresh smoothies, prepared to energise and detox your sun-tanned self! More and more hotels have started including fresh smoothies in their breakfast and I couldn't be happier!

Choosing between room types is a tough one: would you rather wake up and roll directly into the pool, or would you rather sip on bubbles in your Jacuzzi, with a view of the ocean? 

Ocean View suites are spacious and excerpt an 80's California vibe with their comfortable built-in sofas, beds and mirrored walls. There is an iPod dock and a massive TV to make even the fussier boys stay quite for a while.
The bathroom is an extension of the room, separated by glass to allow for uninterrupted ocean views from the bathtub! More little details like these pop up everywhere to make your life not just easier, but positively pleasant, while you are here. There are photo books and magazines next to the toilet and on the bar over the bathtub so that you can enjoy images of Bali even at your most private moments! Aromatic Oils burn in the bathroom as you arrive, spreading jasmine fragrances and are replenished daily for you to use, as you like. 
There is a coffee machine for a strong morning booster and exotic fruit are brought to your room every day according to your preferences. Take your coffee and head to the balcony, this is what you are here for: the view over Bali Sea is pure gold. Lie on the daybed or dip in the Jacuzzi and forget about everything else.
On a couple of occasions, we were made to stay in because of the rain, but as you might imagine this was not a problem; filled the Jacuzzi up with bubbles - the soapy type, not the boozy type - and enjoyed the roaring ocean view.  

Pool Access Suites have a similar layout but also have the comfort of direct pool access from your balcony. Either way no excuse to walk around in your gown, in public, just because you fancy a mid-night dip!
Semiyak beach is popular for its' romantic sunset, a major event every day. 
Staying at the Anantara has its' perks; you don't need to sweat at all trying to claim your spot amongst the ever popular PotatoHead loungers up the road, because you are right where you need to be: on the beach, lying on a daybed, drinking chocolate milkshakes! 
As the tide goes out in the late afternoon, the ripply sand mirrors the sunshine and creates a sparkling surface for you to dance on! My favourite time of the day!
You can even have a massage right on the beach, the Spa staff drop the net curtains around your daybed and you close your eyes and let the ocean put you to sleep. 

Every morning, hotel staff leave little baskets of fresh flowers on the sand, just on the edge of the hotel lawns, after their morning prayers; what a balanced place!  
 Jl. Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung
Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 737773


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  1. great photos! It looks like a great place to unwind.

    Nina, London


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