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Dinner made easy: a European Affair

Good morning! Christmas is almost here! 
How exciting! 
Friends popping over for an impromptu Christmas drink after work? Panic not!
It's the perfect excuse to indulge in all of the no-nos of the year....take the most famous products of each European country and voila!
French baguette, two yards long...try walking with this under your arm! 
Baked Camembert, stuffed with a couple of garlic cloves for an extra kick! 
Greek olive bread, so sturdy and flavoursome! 
Italian prosciutto with red grapes for a light touch, alongside creamy dolcelatté cheese for a high intense note! 
Spanish rich chorizo, you know for protein! 
And a splash-splosh of port from Portugal, oops that was my third one...
And if friends don't pop in after all, it's the perfect romantic night in, no cooking, no fussing, just relaxing! x

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