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Dalmunzie Castle, Scotland

Try saying out loud "Spital of Glenshee".
Now repeat with emphasising your "s-es" and your "e-es"... Ay! Now you are in the Highlands spirit!  

A sip of this and a sip of that, our Scottish welcome

We have been looking forward to driving around the Highlands for years, but never made it until now; why, because it's so far away from London!

It's all good and dandy driving up to Glasgow: five and a half hours of singing and listening to each others' favourite tracks, eating the necessary road-trip chocolate and crisps junk, sleeping, peeking through the rain at the colossal wind turbines, stopping for the familiar Starbucks caramel macchiato; but then you have to drive another two and a half hours on top of it! 
What you don't realise is that you go uphill all the way, but it's so subtle that when you arrive at Glenshee and see the ski lifts, you wonder what on earth is going on. 
At times we felt lost, although the navigation said we should carry on;
After Perth, only a few houses spring up here and there on the stone cottages blend in with the autumn green and reddish-brown mountain landscape.  
Deep valleys and rivers cut through the mountains and as we drove over the Bridge of Cally, it felt like we were entering a magic world. By the way, don't you find that this name has a Lord-of-the-Rings sound to it? Anyway, moving on.
waking up early was worth it for once! rewarded with this amazing sunrise
Morning! a good fry-up including haggis and black pudding, not to forget the creamy porridge!

lovely original four poster bed...

Driving up the 1.5 mile hotel drive, alongside the stream that runs through the estate certainly felt special. You do leave the rest of the world behind.

Dalmunzie Castle is in a lonely valley. 

The closest structure, Spital of Glenshee visitor's centre, is two miles away and everything else about twenty odd miles drive. It hasn't been spoiled by tourism in any way and I can imagine that being snowed in at one of the estate's  stone cottages with a log fire and plenty of pie-making supplies is not such a bad thing! There is a golf course within the estate and deer roam around free.
Make sure you stay still if you spot one, otherwise they hop away and disappear, leaving you behind questioning whether you ever actually saw one! 
 The hotel is furnished in the traditional tartan notes and wooden original pieces.

Every room is named after an ancestor related to the estate and their family tartan is framed next to the room door.

Yes, the floor is squeaky and there is limited phone reception but there is also complementary scotch and sherry to keep you warm! The bathrooms need refurbishing, but we were told the estate changed hands recently so renovations are on the way! I'd give it six months and go back to enjoy our wonderful tower room again!

Having dinner at the hotel also makes sense, you don't want to be driving down mountain roads in pitch black after a couple of glasses of sherry, do you?
And sitting by the big fireplace after dinner is what you are here for anyway - ah, that lord of the manor feeling! 

A couple of sips of sherry for me, a dash of scotch for my husband, off we went to climb the hills and splash through the stream. Wellies territory at its' best! 

As soon as we were outside, we were taken aback by the complete silence and tranquillity of the place. You just want to be quite and keep taking in big gasps of fresh air and impossibly beautiful images. In traditional countryside style every field has lovely wooden gates that you can open and make your way across the hills, no paths involved! Be thoughtful and close the gate behind you though!

And don't randomly ask about kilts, it's a Highlands tradition but "you don't wear kilts below Perth" we were told. Now you know too! x

GlenShee, Blairgowrie, Perthshire PH10 7QG
Phone: +44 1250 885224


  1. Hi Angeliki, lovely article, as you now know this is such a peaceful area in Scotland, with the Highlands as a backdrop. Delighted that you have had such a good stay. The last time I stayed, we sat beside the fire after dinner, my wife ended up dancing with another guest and we stayed up far too late sampling a few wee drams, that were not that wee! The snow was falling outside and it was magical. Thanks for using our service and we look forward to helping to get back to Dalmunzie after the refurb, or helping you experience another great castle stay.

    Roger, The Castle Man

  2. Dear Roger,

    that is such a sweet memory of Dalmunzie! We are definitely going back although it's a bit far for us, in the meanwhile we'll pick one of the other dreamy properties you recommend!
    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

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