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Pink Martini, Royal Festival Hall

According to the talented and always smiling Thomas Lauderdale,  they would like to call themselves "the United Nation's Band" and that, right there, sums up their style.
It also happens to be the reason I like Pink Martini so much, since I often say that I live in a "United Nations" family; so it's no surprise that I'm intrigued and mesmerised by this amalgam of different styles, languages, music and backgrounds that shine through their songs.

Last Friday they were performing in Royal Festival Hall, where amongst colourful balloons, they opened with "Amado Mio" and since that very moment my foot wouldn't stop tapping on the floor all the way to the end of the show!

As I was thinking that Royal Festival Hall was a good choice for this show because it's so open, with brilliant acoustics but we really needed to be in a dancing hall of some kind, Thomas and Storm went a step further and invited everybody to join them on stage for a little boogie.
And everyone went! No security, no diva-ish attitude, just good music and a vibrant beat to get everybody happy! 
Pearls and killer heels...had to be done for Pink Martini!

First, Storm Large with her sexy presence, powerful voice and impressive tattoo  across her back appeared straight from the start and took over singing and swaying in Spanish, Farsi, German, Italian, Turkish, Romanian and English off course...what a treat!

Then, I found out that the song I blast on my cd player, on the way to work in the mornings "And now I'm back" is actually based on Schubert's Fantasy in f-minor, with an "I will survive" beat, set in 50's Cuba, as Thomas explained! If only all of my work had such cool stories to go with it! 

To follow this revelation Timothy Nishimoto had us dreaming of Japanese cartoons flying across the stage blended with a 60's bosa-nova vibe in "ZunZunZun ZunZunZunDoko"! Oh! Thanks Ari Shapiro for clearing out what Storm's tattoo read : Lover. It did kinda bother me that I couldn't read it! Ari is the newest addition to the band, side-tracking from politics, to perform in a very sleek and talented manner. Oh he is good! And tall and a really nice guy, as everyone kept saying and he is looking for a flat in London...any offers?

That's another reason I like Pink Martini; they all wear many hats, following what they love the most. Finally, the Von Trapp children, an acapella group, grand kids of the original famous family, had us all going "lei-lo-lei-lo-lei-oh-oh"; give it a go, it's fun!

You got to love Pink Martini's down-to-earth approach when they deal with their audience paired with the most retro, vibrant and almost art deco glamorous performances; great combo if you ask me, keep making people happy guys! x

PS: Ari feel free to come over for dinner once you are settled in London, I dare say I am a rather good cook! 

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