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Cake Tasting @ Petit Gateau

Our Cake: Petit Gateau , Photo: White Ribbons Photography
Let's set the scene with movie cake-moments.

"Our Family Wedding" - the father of the groom (Forrest Whitaker) and his best friend end up having a cake fight amongst high-stacked impeccable wedding cakes. Why is the father of the groom trying out cakes, that's a whole different story!

"Because I said so" - well, it's all about cakes really! Diane Keaton takes a nibble out of a white, four-layered beauty and whispers "I used fresh tangerine in the buttercream"... imagine how zingy and refreshing that would taste?

Our Cake: Petit Gateau , Photo: White Ribbons Photography

What do these moments have in common? Laughter and a feeling of warmth and happiness straight from the heart. Off course anyone, who has been through planning a wedding, will tell you that these things only happen in movies, right? Well...lucky for us, one of the most enjoyable tasks of preparing for our wedding was picking our wedding cake. My advice to all couples who are in the planning process is that you should make time, take a deep breath and make some choices together; no matter how stressful things get - it's a bonding experience and creates lovely memories. Start early so that you are not overwhelmed with decisions that must be made instantly. This is where Petit Gateau comes in.

The cake that started it all!
Petit Gateau
I came across this Petit Gateau creation, a romantic bird-cage cake in Brides magazine. When I had a peek at the website I realised that the cakes' style suited ours; moreover it's one of the few cake-makers that will do an eyelet cake beautifully! What's an eyelet cake? You get to learn all of the lingo as soon as you start looking - blogs and Flipboard mainly in our case! The cakes are elegant with attention to detail, you can tell a perfectionist's touch - meet Jordana! She has an eye for detail and a craft for making intricate sugar flowers and patterns. She offered to match my wedding dress pattern to the cake decoration! Crazy request if you aske me, but that's how good she is.

So, off we went to try cake! I have to admit that we had a movie moment when we sat down around Jordana's workshop. Surrounded by elegant creations and the flavours menu, so exciting. Couldn't stop smiling, chatting and tasting, off course! 
Vanilla Bean sponge with Maple Syrup Buttercream;
Honey Sponge with Rose Buttercream;
Pink Champagne sponge with Lavender Buttercream;
Chocolate Ganache Buttercream...oh my!
It's a foodie artist's paradise; you get to create your very own combination and what's best, each layer can be of a different flavour! There is no pressure to pick flavours until about two weeks prior to the wedding so you get to think about it and try some wonderful combos in the process! Start thinking about the designs though and quantity off course! It's what decides your budget.
Our second cake! Photo: Petit Gateau
Blogs and Flipboard came in handy when we were looking for designs. That's where I found the lovely ombré effect, gradual colour changing either of the buttercream or of the sponge; the cake & dessert stands that are a lovely extension to your food menu; and the eyelet cake off course! Some of my favourite blogs are right here...


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