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St Aubin's Bay

Today is about the trip rather than the destination. When the trip involves Wellington boots, venturing out in the mud and  discovering all new and wonderful things from sea life to fossils...I say, let's do it! 

St Aubin's secluded port, all dried out for most part of the day
The tides here are some of the most impressive in Europe and St Aubin's Bay is the perfect spot to put your Wellies on and go off exploring the seabed once the tide is out!
We took out first steps in hesitation..."are we supposed to be here"?
The houses of St Aubin were towering above the empty seabed and the old castle ruins were standing exposed on dry rocks, usually surrounded by seawater.  Then we saw a family with the kiddies and doggies all running towards the new coastline in their full seaside gear and we thought: "yeap, we are fine"!

It's so fascinating to examining the sea bed, rippled sand patterns left from the water subtracting and tiny thread-like patterns left back from sea-worms digging their way into the sand. Fossils on the otherwise water-drenched rocks and caves left by the constant movement of the tide.

It's the one place, where acting like a kid is expected of you. Splash around the waters and "oooh & aaah" at all of the new creatures you come across, go on , it's fun! 

We ended up returning back to St Aubin day after day, because it's the first traditional and peaceful village you come across, on the coast, outside the busy St Helier. 

Houses have a continental feel to them, cream and white little villas, fishermen's old houses with killer view towards the french coast and lovely little bistros to stop at for a glass of wine.

The crowds seem to prefer the Boathouse, lodged right next to the marina, a hot-spot for mingling.
Our first dinner was here and we were left unable to finish the giant tuna stakes along with french beans drenched in hazelnut butter; one to be trying at home for sure! Not to mention that we had to stop at every bite to admire the views across the whole of St Aubin's Bay all the way to St Helier! 

Boathouse: fresh oysters and
chunky tuna stakes!
Our last night was spent at the Salty Dog, a very interesting restaurant with huge variety of seafood, Thai and even curry dishes.
Start with pork belly and scallops, perfect balancing act. The tempura sole was lighter than light, hence I had to try the raspberry roulade, filled with fluffy cream and raspberry reduction, heaven!
You can't go wrong with this place really! 

Post-dinner, make sure you walk across the promenade, it goes all the way to St Helier and is lit with tiny white lights that seem to hug the bay all around. 

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