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French Toast Sandwich with Caramelised Peaches

Just look at these beauties!
We first met at the Beresford Food Market in St Helier a couple of days ago and they had to come home with us!

Here lies the dilemma though: what to do with them? These white Jersey peaches look so perfect that no dish or recipe would do them justice.
I went through all options, a crumble, a smoothie, a pie but I decided upon the lushest option of them all: caramelised and sandwiched between warm French toast.

For the caramelised peaches
- three peaches
- two spoonfuls of brown sugar
- one knob of butter
- half a cup of single cream

For the French Toast
- pain de campagne, brioche, or any type of soft bread you prefer 
- two eggs
- one cup of milk
- pinch of cinnamon
- one spoonful of sugar 
- butter for frying
- vanilla infused icing sugar for dusting

Start with the peaches: leave the skin on, give them a good wash and slice them vertically, discarding the peeps.

Put the knob of butter and two spoonfuls of brown sugar in a non-stick pan to warm up.

Once the butter has melted and the sugar starts melting too place all slices of peaches in the pan and put a lid on, let them cook on very low heat for ten minutes. It will give you enough time to prepare the French toast and serve everything warm at the same time. 

In a bowl beat the two eggs with the milk, the spoonful of sugar and the pinch of cinnamon. If you are using brioche, you can hold back the sugar. 

Dip the bread slices in the milk-egg mixture and let it soak in quite a bit of the liquid for a couple of seconds. 
Warm a knob of butter in a second non-stick, shallow frying pan and once it's hot enough place down the bread slices and let them cook until golden on each side. 

Add the cream in the pan with the peaches and swirl the pan around for the caramelised sugar, peaches juices and cream to combine. Take the lid off and let the peaches simmer in this luscious sauce for another 3 minutes. 

The fun part, assembling: Place a slice of your fried toast on a plate, add a couple of peaches smothered in caramel sauce, add another piece of toast on top and finally dust with some vanilla infused icing sugar.

If you are feeling adventurous add another layer of peaches and build your sandwich even higher and to drink add a touch of butterscotch liquor to your cappuccino - strictly after midday off course! 

I promise, this is as heart-warming, as it gets. 
Sweet, velvety sauce, soft peaches and slightly crunchier bread that will soak up all these lovely will make your day! x 

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