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Channel sailing

The 3 am wake up call was worth it after all! 
Early sailings are nobody's favourite but the 6am sunrise as we sailed off the port of Poole made the day already special! 
Tranquility all around the bay with a few yachts moving around the waters quietly and an orange sun appearing slowly in the horizon leaving a golden trail in the waters. High time for a mental image and a hug - what a lovely image to bring back to mind in the forthcoming cloudy autumn mornings! 
Pass Brownsea island, a wildlife heaven and a Scouting historic spot, to finally break free into the open sea...on to the Channel Islands! 

Brownsea Island, the first camping site ever used
by Lord Baden Powel's Scouts- proud Brownie grin!
Ah! The islands! Guernsey first with its' two offsprings Herm & Sark and then Jersey, on the doorstep of St Malo's Bay in France. Arriving in Guernsey is like seeing a mini flemish town by the sea, only everybody speaks english. It's one of those spots where your brain takes a minute to wrap around the fact tha architecture is more french or flemish, signs are written in french but people speak english! 

Guernsey St Peter's port
This is more like the ports of Normandy if you ask me
Arriving at St Helier

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