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Life is a beach: Agia Marina & Kaiki

Agia Marina beach
During our weekend endeavours in Spetses we discovered two beautiful beaches.
"Agia Marina", a short walk from town and "Kaiki", a short water taxi ride away!
Both beaches are organised with beach bars that serve food and drinks right to your sun lounger. 
view from the beach bar at Agia Marina beach
Agia Marina beach is a pebbly one, easy to walk on though.
The water was so clear that we could see the tinsy-wincy fish swimming around. It felt chilled at first but after spending the whole day in the sun it was rather refreshing. 
The walk to Agia Marina is so rustic, passing by lemon groves, walls covered in fuchsia bougainvilleas and pine trees with their lower trunks painted white to avoid insects attacking them!
The bar-staff that came down to our lounger were very friendly and as soon as they heard  that we were there on a hen, we got a jug of Pina Colada on the house...followed by Masticha liqueur shots!

a jug of Pina Colada to match the blue of the sea! 

yeap! focaccia with fresh and juicy tomatoes right at your...lounger! 
Kaiki Beach is a bit more upmarket, staff wear headphones to communicate with each other, in order to direct you to your sun lounger. How Hollywood!
You can even reserve your lounger, in case you end up waking up late, after a heavy night out and cannot get a spot on the beach! It seems that life here is planned! 

water taxi leaving Spetses port to Kaiki Beach

The water-taxi ride to Kaiki beach is such a thrill, the boat speeds up almost straight away and you have the best view of Spetses town with the imposing Poseidonio Hotel.
Needless to say we went outside and took pictures the whole way, splashed by water every step of the way but hey, it was a hot day so no biggie! 

one mojito, one strawberry caipirina and a club sandwich coming right up @ Kaiki Beach

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