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Island Life: Spetses

Now! To get the full effect of this post I'd like you to play "Summercat" by Billy the Vision and the Dancers in the'll see what I mean, it fits right in with summery island mischief! 

First stop aboard the "flying dolphin": Poros

departing Poros
All aboard the "flying dolphin": View of the very narrow straight between Poros and Galatas
Docking in Hydra 

Spetses is a feel-good place! How couldn't it be, you must board the "flying dolphin" to get there! No acrobatics involved! Just a high speed boat that lifts up when speeding through the blue waters! The boat ride is two hours from Piraeus, stopping on the way at two cute little islands Poros and Hydra. All three islands are ideal for weekends because they are small and compact and oh-so-quaint.

Poseidon Hotel, a landmark right in the new port, Spetses

ice cream and strolling on Spetses town promenade
No cars are allowed so getting around the island has a 50's feel; your options include romantic horse carriages and water taxis but also much cooler quad-bikes. There is plenty of walking off course, but coupled with the slow pace of life, it turns out to be strolling no matter what time of the day. It makes you slow down and take it easy. No timetables, no rush. Horse carriages are available until midnight and water taxis 24/7! Sorted. 

make friends!
On our first night, after feasting on all sorts of barbecued delicacies while washing them down with home wine, we decided that walking wasn't an option and that it had to be a horse carriage taking us back to our hotel. Long story short, I ended up seating right next to the carriage driver. Rhythmic horseshoe clicking and tapping on the cobbled alleys, minimal street lighting, moonlight and us giggling all the way - such a calming and soothing experience!

beautiful mosaics found at most house entrances
All you really need is a swimsuit, a cover up, hat and sunglasses! There are so many shops right behind the new port, for all budgets and tastes. From souvenir pound-shops to elegant boutiques, you name it, they've got it! They even stay open until 12 o'clock at night, as I mentioned before: no rushing!   Most restaurants are on the stretch between the new and the old port.  The ones closer to the new port are more touristic but their food is still fresh and the quality quite good. We did try the Orloff Restaurant, great location, slightly elevated from the main road with a great view of the port, on the pricey side but great food such as succulent leg of lamb and juicy swordfish steaks! Another funky place was Mouragio, restaurant, turned bar, turned nightclub pass one o'clock in the morning...nobody goes to bed early here. Unless it's early in the morning off course!

an alternative taxi rank in the new port of Spetses
Sun and heat aside, strolling around is blissful. Pass by fragrant lemon and orange groves on your way to the beach; discover ice cream shops and bakeries on every corner on your way to get a sea taxi; stop at half-open house gates to glimpse over the old outdoor entrance mosaics and colourful bougainvilleas. The little joys of island life! x

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