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Henley Regatta

Boy it was hot! Murray playing in Wimbledon,  the Regatta underway in Henley and the weather wasn't bad either! Hottest day of the year in UK yet. That's a fun Sunday!

Busy Thames, view from the Regatta Enclosure
race underway...
The riverside in Henley transformed to a fun promenade dotted with all kinds of hospitality tents, bars and food stands. It felt like the clubbing scene from London had moved down to Henley for the weekend! Mahiki and Juju both set up shop with music, cocktails, champagne and massive screens with tennis on from Wimbledon. Lots of people had claimed their spot right on the river bank from earlier on, setting our blankets, picnics, strawberries all in the name of a good view and a good tan!

It wouldn't be a fun day without a traditional
bright red double-decker!
view of the race from 
the Juju tent
Tuna Burger with Couscous 
and a jug of Pimms, yum!

We headed for the Regatta enclosure, where there were organised seats and stands with uninterrupted view of the river and the race. Such a crazy mixture of people, from uni students and sports fans in shorts and flip-flops to ladies with elegant dresses and elaborate head-gear...everything goes! Men stood out this time wearing blazers with bright and interesting colours, representing their rowing clubs, countries or universities.  Pimms and champagne were flowing non-stop with the occasional screaming and cheering from  spectators supporting their favourite rowing team, as they rowed past the enclosure. It is so thrilling to join in a group of whole-hearted supporters, it always gives me goosebumps.

Mahiki cocktails and
coconut bomb! Perfect for
scorching hot days!
Any excuse for a new dress!

This one is from Phase Eight 

The river was so busy that three different lanes had to be created to accommodate all traffic! One for general public and private boats, one for the rowing and one for the regatta transportation boats. Oh the boats...such beauties, from simple sleek rowing boats to classic shiny power boats and off course the gold trimmed, banner-bearing Regatta flagship closing off the ceremony in all of its' glory. All in all a great day out! 

A touch of gold  and grandeur for the finale!

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