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B.Y.O.C., Covent Garden

Prepare to get intimate!
Intimate with your party, as well as everybody else in the place.
This is a Prohibition era bar at the basement of a juice bar in Covent Garden.

Unlike the movie "Lawless" you won't need to sneak around in secret but you will feel rather naughty walking around Covent Garden with bottles of alcohol in a paper bag, in your quest to find this place! That's how we felt, anyway!  

It's all part of the charm!
Did I mention that there are no signs?
The directions go a bit like this: ...look for the juice bar next to the lamp-post! 
The bar is tiny hence, pick your party wisely because you will be chatting and mingling very closely for the next two hours!
Here's the interesting part: you bring your favourite kind of alcohol, as much as you like, you pay a flat fee £20 and they make cocktails for you the rest of the time, using your drink as a base.

We went bearing Honey Whiskey and Vanilla Vodka;
oh, and just for laughs we took a bottle of Ginger beer along, too!

First up was a cocktail with yellow pepper juice as a base and it didn't taste like a salad in a glass, as I first thought it would but it was quite an interesting flavour nevertheless, I  haven't got the final verdict yet!
My advice is to avoid bringing along overpowering spirits, simpler ones will give you a good base for lots of different cocktails. 

Next up were all kinds of sweet syrups like rose and lavender...yum!
The mixologist (I had to think about this one because as there is no bar, he couldn't be a barman) was very chatty and he is happy for you to try and sniff all of his syrups and juices in search of your favourite potion.

He even made Crabbies ginger beer work, so "well done" Nathaniel!
All in all, an interesting experience. 

PS: Apologies for the dark pictures, it was all a bit dim-lit, just perfect to get you into the speakeasy mood!

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