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Cloudy Strawberry Lemonade

There is something so old fashioned about homemade lemonade...kinda Desperate Housewives with a twist!

There is no other way to have the freshness of a lemon, in a sweet, smooth syrupy drink, with a strawberry aftertaste!

For two glasses all you need is:
- one whole unwaxed lemon
- a handful of strawberries (5-6 if must be precise) 
- three spoonfuls of caster sugar 
- a cup and a half of water
- vanilla essence to taste
- crushed ice
Wash the lemon and strawberries thoroughly.
Cut them in big pieces and pop them in the blender with three spoonfuls of sugar, vanilla essence and water. Don't worry about the zest and flesh, it all adds up to create a super fragrant, fabulously delicious drink.
Blend until you have a smooth pulp. Fill two glasses with crushed ice and strain the glorious liquid through a fine sieve, into each glass. If you have rustic tumblers it's going to look even better. 

If everything else fails, this drink has such a great bright pink colour.
My fiancĂ© said so too... and he is a boy! 

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