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The Lion Inn, Winchcomb

A row of cottages in charming Winchcomb
How much do you research a place you are going to visit?
I am - correction, used to be - manic about finding out what there is to see, do, watch,, smell and so on!
The result was that I could tell you what's around a corner I had never been to before but also feel let down if it didn't turn out to be exactly as I had built it up in my head.

Lately, I've toned down this obsession and guess what? Last weekend, I just booked a room in a boutique Inn in the Cotswolds, just because I happened to like the look of it and off we went!

a walk around the village revealed the entrance to the castle!
It turns out that Winchcombe, where the Lion Inn is located, is the village on the tip of Sudeley Castle! (check availability

We only found out just because our room didn't have a TV and we set off for the corner shop to buy some newspapers and magazines. In typical mid-afternoon village-lifestyle, everything was  shut and we carried on walking down a path that led to... Sudeley castle!
Why do I keep repeating the name?
Well, Sudeley's gardens are highly regarded within the UK and also that's where Elizabeth Hurley got married last time! aaaah, now you know!
Moral of the story is that although we are reminded to be super-organised on daily basis to avoid more stress, it is "letting go" that we find so difficult to do, in order to relax when we are on holiday!
Let me rewind a bit to the no TV point.
So, the Inn is beautifully decorated, with serene tones of grey and beige on the walls, exposed beams and brickwork here and there but the rooms have no TV.
I guess, it's not such a disaster, since the excuse for coming here is that you want to relax and maybe go outdoors more? If anything, you should be thankful.

There is a lovely little garden at the back for sunny afternoons and the bar/lounge area unfolds around a massive stone fireplace, lit with candles all through the day. Very relaxing, whatever the weather!
In the evenings, the bar comes to life, with locals and visitors, all smartly dressed.
Winchcomb might be a village, but let's not forget that this is where South Ken & Chelsea migrate to, in the weekends!
Everybody seems more relaxed and smiley though! It must be the fresh air.

I loved our bedroom, especially the little details like the buttoned headboard and small chandelier; little splashes of luxury...above a pub! 

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