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Spring greens and blues...

In signature English-weather style, most of last week has been cold-ish with hints if sunshine during the day when you are at work, turning lovely greyish when you decide to go home. Do you give in the spring blues or...do you pop out at lunchtime and get the cutest bouquet of flowers that will brighten up your desk till home-time?  My current love and joy is peonies but a bunch of fresh, tightly-knit rose buds does just the trick too! 

Walk home with this cutie, against the grey backdrop and smile at how you resemble a heroine in a rom-com; Bridget, Carrie or Jess, take your pick! When it's cold and rainy outside you probably don't want to have rabbit food for dinner - yes I mean salad - and I have just the thing. It's a quick, ridiculously easy and yummy warm dish. Get some asparagus and baby broccoli spears, cut off and discard the end of the stalks and throw the remaining lovely greens in a hot pan with nothing else. Keep turning them around every so often and once they are charred here and there take the pan off the heat and drizzle some fresh olive oil and sweet vinegar reduction over them, salt and pepper! Done! It's a bright green crunchy and warm salad that accompanies almost everything. Tonight it's keeping company to mac&cheese! 



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