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First Timer's Goa

Don't ask me why, but I expected Goa airport to be all fancy and modern, especially when you hear about how many people pass through its' gates every year; not to mention the celebrities!

So I was rather amused when we landed in an old airfield that doubles as military base, a tiny terminal and a shack with a canopy outside, to keep the sun away!
I tried imagining all those who take themselves too seriously, arriving in this place expecting la-di-da treatment and paparazzi! How silly! I must confess, that brought a smile to my face. 
To be fair, a new building is underway, so enjoy the good old shack while it lasts! 

Then came the drive to our resort, the Park Hyatt Arossim Beach.
Coming from Delhi, with its' strong Hindu culture evident everywhere, I fell confused for a moment when I realised the bus driver's patron saint was Mary, rather than Hanumanji or Ganeshji! One of India's little ways to amuse itself by confusing its' visitors?

When the bus entered an area covered in mature palm trees, we couldn't help but smile at the cows closing our way; it wasn't our first time in India, but this sight never stops being amusing! 
As lovely little villas started appearing from in-between the trees, all we could say was "look at this" and "look at that", pointing fingers in all directions.
I'm not talking about manicured homes and gardens but rustic, shabby even, bungalows and low rise villas in the cutest, brightest colours popping out of the palm tree forest! Think bright orange and blue walls with arched green windows and bougainvilleas climbing up on every side!
Ah, the bright fuchsia bougainvilleas! they make me so happy and remind me of home!

Again , to my confusion, little chapels popped up on the road side, wall to wall with mandirs (Hindu temples); it's funny that although you know about the Portuguese heritage of this place you cannot help but wonder: where are we again? 

Coconut water was waiting for us at the hotel;
humidity makes it difficult to even breath and all you can do is sip on cold liquids to keep hydrated! Tired or not, whether you arrive early or late, you must go see the ocean.
No words can describe the powerful element that expands until the eye can see.
Wide stretches of white south Goan sandy beach meet the waves from the Indian Ocean.
The sound is overpowering, you can sit there and watch the water all day and night.
Ah the water! Luke warm, just like someone has been running a bath for you!
Time for a swim? I certainly think so!

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