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Crêpe Trio

What plans do you have this bank holiday weekend? If you are not on the ferry to Calais already the next best thing to start off your day is with a yummy, homely breakfast. When I was little, ready-made crepe mix was the "new thing" and that's all my mum used to make! Then I started messing around with it and after -literally - decades of mixing crepe batter and flipping crepes in the air, I have come to count this as one of my favourite, earthy ways to feed friends and family!

For 10-12 crepes, you simply need:
- one cup of all purpose flour
- half a cup of milk
- half a cup of water
- one egg
- pinch of salt
- three spoonfuls of melted butter
- extra melted butter for frying

Whisk the flour, egg, milk and water together, add a pinch of salt and three spoonfuls of butter and you are ready to rock and roll! Take a pastry brush and coat the inside of a small non-stick shallow frying pan and let it get quite hot. I use a small espresso cup to pour the batter in the pan, but you can use a soup ladle too.

Hold the pan with one hand and start pouring the batter from higher up with the other, while slowly swirling the pan for the batter to cover the whole area. It only takes three minutes for it to cook and then you are ready for the fun part- flipping! Swirl the pan around to get the crepe moving and then swing it forwards and backwards quickly once, to get the crepe to flip over. It's easier said than done, I know, so just use a broad spatula if you prefer.

As soon as you flip it over, layer a piece of ham, your favourite melting cheese (from Gouda to Cedar, it's all up to you!) and a dollop of extra flavouring on the cooked side and fold it in half. It all takes two minutes tops! You can put your crepes under the hot grill for five minutes to crisp up the edges and cook the ham a bit further if you want.

For the trio of flavours this time I went with: apricot jam, then sweet chili sauce and finally hot English mustard. It's just nice to go from a hint of sweet&salty, velvety, melted cheesy flavour to a more fiery one. Take a bite and have a great weekend! x


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