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Traveling through time

Two flights, three time zones, three countries with diverse weather conditions, all in less than 24 hours!
From drizzling rain and 11C to humid heat and 38C! What do you wear? well, you need to be comfortable and warm and light, all at the same time! 

So, start layering with a soft T-shirt (Tommy Hilfiger), cotton blazer (M&S) and light raincoat (Banana Republic), to keep yourself warm and cool, as needed.

Converse Jack Purcells come in handy on days like this, because after two flights your feet will undeniably need more space and comfort; so just loosen up the laces or get rid of them altogether. Still looking good!
I like starting with a simple colour base, say blue and white and then splash some colour with one item, pink cotton jeans (Zara) in this case.  
Finally, my favourite accessories: a shawl (Zara) and a fedora hat (Banana Republic).
When flying, I always find that even when a blankly is provided, I need the familiar comfort of a shawl or pashmina that smells like...home! As for the hat, it's summery and makes me happy! 
Tip: if you are planning to travel through Doha Airport, remember that the new, fancy one hasn't opened yet; instead the old one is rather small and pricey in comparison to Heathrow! Qatar in-flight service though, is top notch! 

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