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Indian Accent, New Delhi

fragrant marigolds
A friend who's involved in Delhi's restaurant scene told us: "Don't leave India without Indian accent"! I thought...what is this, a new slang craze of some sort?

Well, it turns out Indian Accent is "the" place to be in New Delhi at the moment.

It's hidden away in the boutique Manor Hotel, where lovely deep orange marigold flowers and petals adorn all corridors that lead to the restaurant.

Initially, I didn't think much more of the décor and to be honest I expected the usual "big name-tiny portion" combination that follows highly reviewed restaurants. Thankfully, our experience gradually turned to a wonderful one, thanks to each dish's unusual and witty presentation.

Soft shell crab, tomato chutney and...tweezers

We had the Chef's tasting menu, which is great for larger groups because there is a veg and a non-veg version, so everybody is happy.

Each and every dish was a revelation of how traditional Indian recipes can be respected, enriched with other influences and offered to a wider spectrum of international dinners;

amritsari salmon arrived wrapped in a banana leaf, held together with the tiniest, cutest clip.

And then we received tweezers to dip our soft shell crab in tomato chutney; funky alternative to chopsticks but I couldn't help feeling a bit dubious every time I took a bite. The velvety, deep fried soft shell crab put my doubts to rest though, delicious!

My favourite bit: kulfi sorbet, served in a mini pressure cooker as a palette cleanser in-between courses! Adorable.

My favourite dish: sweet achaar spare ribs, succulent and falling off the bone, yum!

I forgot to tell you that all of the above were just for starters.

palette cleanser sorbet in a miniature pressure cooker? I want to take it home!
By the time our main course arrived, we had just enough space to have a taste, but it was good so we finished it off anyway!
Baked keema (mince) along with pao (bread rolls) and spiced Indian high-tech version of sloppy joes! Ingenious!

Along came kulchas (indian thin bread) stuffed with duck and bacon! I am killing you, aren't I?

have you ever called a piece of salmon "cute" before?

baked keema, pao and spiced alloo...just call it sloppy joes with an Indian accent
And then out comes the smiling Chef declaring that he is happy to repeat the dishes we liked the most. "All of them", said the boys straight away. But sense rather than greed prevailed and we got seconds of the bacon kulchas. 
cream-bursting cannolis, a great end to a grand dinner

On the way out we were mesmerised by the fragrant marigolds floating around in a massive copper pot, very pleased with our new found accent.

rum bomb flambé, cannolis, coconut Crème Brule

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