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The Big Easy, King's Road

Recall the scene from "My Best Friend's Wedding", where Julia Roberts and the family are having a rehearsal dinner?
Her pretend-boyfriend breaks out into THE song: "the moment I wake up, before I put on my make up, I say a little prayer for you..." and the whole place joins in!
The Big Easy call themselves a "crab shack", just like in the movie.
Rack of BBQ Ribs and Sweet Chili Prawns! 
The name says it all, this is a very chilled out place and after a Strawberry Margarita or two, you might feel like breaking out into song too! Come to think of it, you might need a couple of pitchers, because Margaritas here are more like slushies and go down way too easily!
The good news is that if you feel like singing, there are live bands playing downstairs, so if you are really nice, they might help you revive the scene from the movie.
You might be on King's Road, but when you sit down you feel like you are on the East Coast, about to battle your way through some crab and lobster shells and make as much mess as you like!
Forget about knife and fork, this is getting serious!
This place is Surf & Turf at its' best, not ideal for vegetarians!
Portions are massive, chips and salad complete your lobster dish and the silky Thermidor sauce that comes with your red monster is divine.
We also tried the ribs, couldn't finish them off! Very unusual for such a bunch of foodies like ourselves, but that's how big portions are. To top it all off, ribs come with deliciously sweet barbecued prawns, colwslaw and a side of mac&cheese, yes a "side"!

4lb red monster - for two to share...or not!
Choice is wide open: you can work your way up from a 2lb lobster to a 6lb one...if you dare!

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  1. The 5lb lobster is a monster..... Couldn't believe the size of the claw when it came to the table, it was bigger than my head! Nice blog!


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