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Mikrolimano, Piraeus

If you find yourself in Piraeus port this Easter, waiting to be whisked away to one of the Aegean islands, do jump in a cab and go to Mikrolimano.
Five minutes around the corner from the main port of Piraeus, is this naturally formed incy-wincy port, perfectly round, utterly cute! It 's picture perfect, straight out of a 40's black and white movie; neo-classic houses towering above the tiny bay form part of an old neighbourhood "Kastella", offering the best view over Saronicos Gulf.

Lots of restaurants to choose from, but we headed to Vosporos.
We were lucky to get a table by the water and nothing else mattered any more. It was so relaxing looking out at the fishing boats and sailboats nested in the tiny bay. My dad & sister are regulars so we sat back and let them is this copper tagine coming our way?
The lid was lifted and a selection (poikilia) of kebabs, barbecued chicken, sausages and burgers mesmerised our eyes and our tummies! Attack! To accompany this delightful surprise there was cheese-pie (tiropitta) made of feta cheese and soft creamy anthotiro (Greek version of ricotta) with vermicelli instead of pastry and lots of butter!

This is a restaurant that specialises in Greek dishes with wonderful influences from Asia Minor (what a forgotten term that is) cuisines, hence the delightful variation! The only challenge was eating fast enough to keep up with the rest of the company, because my eyes were glued to the sea and the fishing boats! Speaking of middle-eastern cuisine, do not miss the desserts here. They make this crème brulee variation, nested on sweetened vermicelli, all very syrupy and sinful, admittedly!  

A one-man sailboat entered the port and seven or eight smaller ones followed, just like ducklings following their mother. It was a kiddie’s sailing class; heart-warmingly cute!
tagine with souvlaki & fries and all things nice!
I don’t mean to sound all sentimental, but sitting around a table with great food and people you feel comfy with, does have a grounding and wholesome effect on your soul!
Chilled rose wine did help off course - Katoyi Averof semi-dry - if you must know.
Now that I think about it, even if you are not waiting around for a boat in Piraeus, just make your way to Mikrolimano anyway next time you are around! x

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